d4df5b5b7ff02f04ba42878a0526e4a7For many people, a pet is a constant source of happiness, affection, and joy. It’s a scientific fact, actually, that pets are good for our physical health and our emotional well-being!

So is it any surprise that this source of unconditional love and devotion inspires us to strive harder to become the person they think we already are? Seriously, though – would you trade for anything, that moment at the end of a difficult day when you’re greeted at the door with a wagging tail and a happy face? For us, it’s like our own little slice of heaven on Earth, because they mean the world to us.

Sadly, though, we recognize that not every animal has it as good as the ones we have at home. That’s why at New Home Resource, among the several non-profit organizations we volunteer our time, effort, and funds to throughout the year, helping local animal rescue organizations is high on that list, too.

One of those events is coming up on October 1, and the New Home Resource family is excited to participate in this one yet again! It’s called “Pedal 4 Pooches”– an annual bicycle ride event that takes place in Henderson and is hosted by local pet-lovers Barry and Karen Lasko. (You can check out the Facebook event here!)

Enthusiastic supporters (like us!) will be ready to hit the bike trail at 8:00am on Saturday, October 1 in this fun, family-friendly event that wraps up with a BBQ at the Lasko’s home. Everyone is invited to bring their donations of pet food, blankets, beds, towels, etc. to be given to local animal charities – riders and non-riders alike.   And as we all know, animal rescue organizations are always in need of monetary assistance to provide medical and other care for their charges – so any donations of funds will be passed on in their entirety, as well.

There’s nothing better than working with people who care. And we’re not just talking about people who do their job well and treat clients with respect while delivering superb service (although those are things that every New Home Resource agent and employee does daily!).

We (thankfully!) all have a life outside of our ‘day jobs,’ and we all have particular causes that are dear to our hearts. So we love it when we can come together as a team to help focus attention on important causes in Las Vegas, because this is our home – and finding ways to make it better, well, it just seems to be part of our VegasDNA.

If you’d like to play an important role in helping homeless animals, too – contact our office at (702) 365-1000 to find out how you can participate in the ride, making a donation, or maybe even do just a little bit more.   We’re counting on you ☺

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