There’s no place like home. Someone said that once, we think – and it’s so true. It doesn’t matter if the place you call home is a mansion in Malibu or an igloo in the Arctic, it’s your castle, your headquarters – and we believe you should be able to enjoy every minute you’re there.

Of course, every space has its challenges, right? If you’ve got that whole Malibu-mansion thing going on, they’ll probably border on issues like “Do I want a bowling alley or a swimming pool in this room?” But those aren’t the questions that most of us are faced with. (The ones who live in the ‘real world,’ that is.)

For those of us still on our way to that level of success, for the time being we have to make do with spaces that might not be as big as we like. But fear not! There are ways to make them feel larger and work more efficiently at the same time. All it takes is a little ‘thinking outside the box’ attitude – and we’re here to help you with that. Making the most of your space and keep it organized is a bit of an art. But once you figure out a system that works for you, it becomes more like a well-oiled machine. So here are a few tips and tricks that should help you get those creative juices flowing.


One thing that designers everywhere will agree on is that if you don’t have the space you want, try a little creative use of color and placement, and it will give the illusion that you do. One suggestion: Match your furniture to the walls – it visually opens up the room. Another tip is to float your furniture in the center of the room. By moving pieces away from the walls, you create space beyond the furniture that adds volume to a room.

image007Use All Available Space

In other words – look up! Add a bookshelf above a door and you not only have more storage area, you’ve just added a bit of character to that room. Place a shelf high enough above your bed, and you not only won’t have to worry about bumping your head on it – you’ve just created a space that can be either useful or decorative in nature. That weird empty spot above the kitchen cabinets? A great place for cookbooks; or put those seldom-used tools into baskets that complement the feel of the room.

image009Hidden Spots and Double-Duty

Oh, we all have them – it’s just that we don’t always realize that we can use those normally ‘dead’ spaces in our home. Where, you ask? How about the inside of cabinet doors? Hang small hooks (did someone say “Command”?) to make measuring cups easily accessible, or it’s a great place for pot lids, too. Another simple solution – choose furniture that can be easily repurposed depending on your needs. Using an attractive farm table as a desk, for example, makes it easy to transform it into a dining table for guests. Nesting tables are also a great solution – easily out of the way when they’re not in use.

In most cases, it’s just a matter of looking at the area you have to work with – in a new way. (And may we suggest, start your search for imaginative solutions on Pinterest. It will help you find answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet!)

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