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         NOW is the time to take advantage of the Foreclosure market!!

 As most of us are very much aware, property foreclosures are on the rise across the nation, presenting significant financial opportunities for investors real estate, first time home buyers, and those looking to move up within the real estate market.

A foreclosed property refers to a piece of land or real estate that has been repossessed by the mortgage company or financial lender. During the foreclosure process, the financial institution searches for interested buyers.  In the event that an interested buyer does not wish to invest in the property during the initial stages of property foreclosure, the property will go to auction where it will be sold to the highest bidder.


So, how can you benefit from the current foreclosure market?


Foreclosed properties are often offered at prices significantly lower than fair market value, offering strong financial opportunities to individuals and investors.  Investors can purchase foreclosed properties to resell or rent for an immediate income.  First time home buyers can often purchase a larger or nicer property.   And individuals who are looking to move up within the real estate market can often find a larger property at competitive prices, allowing them to purchase a larger property than they originally anticipated or to buy their dream property at a reduced price.

Whether you are a real estate investor looking to flip properties for a profit, or an individual searching for their first piece of real estate, or looking to move up in the real estate market, foreclosed properties present an ideal buying situation.

New Home Resource, with our years of experience and knowledge of local markets, has the expertise required to help you navigate through the foreclosure market, explaining each nuance along the way.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on purchasing a foreclosed

property. Give us a call today.


Penny A. Womack,

Realtor, SFR, ABR

Tomorrow, Nevada drivers will be forced to put down their phones while driving.  

Many other states have already enacted the same law.   Nevada will be the 10th in the nation to enact a ban on texting and talking while behind the wheel.

Nevada’s law officially goes into effect in January 2012, but police will begin pulling over drivers and issuing warnings starting tomorrow, October 1st.

We all need to remember how dangerous it is to be distracted behind the wheel.  Nothing is more important than your safety and your life 🙂    Put down the phone!


  Just because there’s a sign in the yard doesn’t mean it’s available!!     Or in your price range.     Or that it offers the number of bedrooms you need.   Or the square footage you’re looking for.     

If there’s a particular area or neighborhood you like,  ask your Realtor to show you all of the AVAILABLE homes fitting your needs and in your price range.   The houses that don’t pop-up in that search are either sold or don’t fit your needs in “some” way.   Those houses may even be in escrow with another buyer.     We can make note of any special addresses and research them for another visit.



The Clutter Wars

With summer behind us and in looking forward to a bit cooler temperatures (And of course, the Holidays, family visits and friendly gatherings at home), I would like to share with you some great tips on how to de-clutter and organize your home.


The first step in winning the Clutter Wars is to de-bug your own mind! Most of us do not recognize clutter when it falls out of the closet into our heads, so how can we conquer it? Let’s start by defining what clutter is. Clutter is anything in your home:

**That is out of place

**That is broken

**That you have not used in more than a year

**That you have not worn in more than a year

**That you dislike

Now don’t panic….I am not saying for you to throw away everything that falls within the above definitions of clutter. BUT..once you get a clear picture in your head of what constitutes clutter you will be better able to deal with it!!

Now, you start in one small space like a closet or junk drawer, and put things in order. Have a large trash can and 4 boxes labeled:





Now begin selecting the objects and decide what goes into each…

The Trash-You’ll find plenty of stuff that is absolutely unusable…BE RUTHLESS.

The PUT AWAY-Anything goes in here that is out of place or better off in a different location. When you are done, take the 10 minutes to put them where they really belong!

The FIX-Any items damaged or missing parts, but you are certain that you would use it if it were repaired. If you do not repair it within a week to 10 days, it goes to the SET FREE box…

The SET FREE-All items you dislike, haven’t used, orphaned gifts from friends and family (when you said “Oh, you really shouldn’t have!”), things that still have some good use, things that “will surely fit again someday”.  This box goes into the trunk of your car to take to your local resale store or charity center.

Many charities will even be happy to pick it up at your front door-what convenience! You will be doing a good thing, since someone will be getting some good out of

these items right now.


 The “Mementos” box- This one can be a bit tricky. It’s for things that

have true sentimental or family heirloom value. You will want to

invest in a cedar chest or other similar sized permanent storage unit.

The items from this box will go into that permanent storage. But

remember, that cedar heirloom chest will fill up rapidly if you are too

casual about “what’s an heirloom.” Consider passing on some of these

things to extended family members right now—don’t wait 20 years!


Now you are one closet or drawer closer to having a serene, uncluttered home! Next week, take this same process and tackle another corner of the house!


Penny Womack,

Realtor, ABR, SFR