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As Realtors, one of the first things we do is make sure the buyer in our car has the ‘ability’ to buy:  either they have cash funds to purchase, or they need financing.   Buyers who’ve had a short sale or a foreclosure often think it’s the end of the road for them…. that due to their impaired credit,  they’ll not be able to buy a home for several years.     Well, look no further!      

Las Vegas-based company Premier Mortgage Lending is able to help homeowners who’ve had a recent short sale or foreclosure, and get them into a home – – at today’s incredibly low prices!      The buyer must qualify with at least 20% down and a stable job, regular income and debt ratios that work with traditional loan types, but credit may be overlooked.      Premier Mortgage offers a free prequalification service – – if you or anyone you know has impaired credit, but does have a stable job, regular income and at least 20% down, please urge them to call Premier Mortgage Lending today at 702-485-6600.


Wow!    What a time to buy a house!   Do you realize that today’s interest rates are below 5%?   This is an incredible time to buy!      If you’re renting for $1,000 per month, at today’s rates,  you could spend that same $1,000 on OWNING a $200,000 home.    Call New Home Resource today and let us help you BUY your dream home!!

Above is based on:

$200,000 sales price

$40,000.00 down payment

$160,000.00  loan amount

 $998.00  PITI/assuming taxes at 166.00 and insurance at 40.00


4.25% interest rate/4.306 APR

We are looking for self-motivated, aggressive real estate agents who want to make money! We welcome new real estate licensees or experienced real estate agents!

We are a 12-year old, established brokerage who has survived the ups and downs of the Las Vegas market.

We NEED HELP handling leads! Our internet presence has generated over 4.5 MILLION views!

* Get paid in a timely manner!!              * Private offices are available!!
                                         * Low office fees!!
* Work for a Broker who is accessible!! I answer my phone!
* Have as much – or as little – Broker involvement you need and want

Our convenient West Sahara location and super environment make THIS the place you want to be! Send your resume today and become part of a winning team!

Contact New Home Resource today !!


As agents, we are seeing much more success with gaining approvals on short sales.    And, in fact, the approvals have been  coming much faster than in the past.  



There once was a day when we’d cringe when a buyer would ask to see a short sale listing.   With a success rate of only 15% after a 9 month wait, it was no secret that short sales were ones to avoid.   But today, the success/approval ratio is much higher – and wait times much shorter!!




At new Home Resource, we can help you a buy  a short sale.        As a “Certified Distressed Property Expert”, I can help you list and sell your property.   Contact us today at 702-365-1000 or