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A new home purchase is one of the largest investments a person will ever make.

A Home Warranty is simply a service contract.  It helps to safeguard homeowners against the high cost of repairs or replacements to the major mechanical systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear.    A home warranty offers the convenience of one source for most repairs,  so that you can avoid the hassle of finding a service contractor in your area.     When a covered system or appliance breaks down, all you need to do is contact the warranty company to report the problem!      A qualified, pre-screened service technician will contact you to schedule an appointment that works for you.  You can request service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s that simple.

On average, homeowners/contract holders will have 2 service calls per year, saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars on repair/replacement costs.  See below:



Have your agent help you arrange for a home warranty at closing.       Sometimes even the seller will pay toward the warranty cost!!

This information comes to us, courtesy of HSA Home Warranty Company 🙂

Whenever I make a purchase from eBay, I always read through the seller’s “Feedback” before committing to buy.   I need to know if this seller is slow to ship, regularly does a terrible job in describing his product, or is a flat-out thief.   My purchase of that item is going to be heavily-weighted based on what I read.    Frankly, the feedback may determine if I even bid on that product,  or move onto the next guy’s listing.     I’ll even pay MORE money for the same product with an eBay seller whose feedback is stellar.   Ever done that?

When I visit Amazon or Zappos (oooh, my favorite!), I always look at the product reviews.   Does this item run small?    Color not quite as pictured?   Knobs have a tendency to break off within days of the purchase?    Again, my decision to buy that item is going to be heavily-weighted by others’ experience.   I have so much more confidence going into the purchase if by reading others reviews,  maybe I can predict the outcome to some degree.

The same should be true of your real estate agent!   This person is going to be super-instrumental in assisting you with one of the largest commitments of your life!    Whether you’re in investor buying a small  condo, a first-time buyer falling in love with your first home,  or making a multi-million dollar purchase of property, land or even commercial space, you want and need to know if your real estate agent is worthy of your business!!

Google your agent!  Does this person have an internet presence?    Are they unknown?     What do others have to say about their service?    Remember that nothing and no one is ever perfect (how many shades of orange can there BE in a handbag??), but hearing what others have to say BEFORE jumping in surely gives you the confidence you’re making the right choice. 


We LOVE your reviews – keep ’em coming!


With times being as tough as they are, finding the money to make a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart can be difficult.  Whether it is your loving spouse of 20 years or the new special someone in your life, giving them a Valentine’s Day to remember without looking cheap can be made simple by creating a romantic dining experience at home.  Here are a few ideas to create a romantic dining room for Valentine’s Day that will look like a million, but cost you virtually nothing!

 Set The Scene!

Creating a romantic dining room can be accomplished with just a few simple elements.  Since it is Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must.  In addition to a beautiful arrangement for your sweetheart, a nice arrangement for the center of the table can really show you have put thought into the night.  A great way to cut costs is to go for something a little less pricey for the centerpiece, such as some red carnations.  Candles are also a must for Valentine’s Day and are a great and inexpensive way to set a romantic mood.  A few well-placed tapered and votive candles are all you really need, and choosing ones that are red, pink, and white will keep the table looking well put together.  Final touches should not be ignored.  A nice tablecloth, some cloth napkins, and maybe a few rose petals scattered on the table can create that finished romantic look!  Don’t forget to use real cutlery and your best plates and wine glasses, accompanied by some soft romantic music.

A Meal To Remember

Another important element to creating a romantic dining room for Valentine’s Day is having a delicious meal.  If you can’t cook yourself, getting takeout from a nice restaurant is always an option, but trying to create a meal yourself will no doubt be appreciated, as well as keep your budget in check. Something simple like a nice salad and pasta meal is inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Remember that it is the details that really show you care, so selecting fresh healthy ingredients, creating easy courses, and not forgetting dessert will win over even the most reluctant Valentine.


These ideas may seem simple, and that’s because they are.  It is the thought that counts, and putting effort into creating a beautiful meal in a special setting can create a romantic mood for a small amount of money!

Never before today in my real estate career have I encountered so many folks who are buying property, sight unseen. 

In today’s busy, busy world of real estate purchases, more and more out of state and foreign buyers are wanting to invest in the Las Vegas housing market.  I personally think NOW NOW NOW is the time to buy!  I could be wrong, but just live daily around these incredible prices,  and I can’t help but  think we should all be gobbling It up like candy.     

I’m apparently not the only person who feels this way about Las Vegas real estate 🙂

However, this concept becomes an issue for buyers not living in Vegas – how can they jump on the “purchase today” bandwagon  when they aren’t here to physically visit the home and consummate the purchase?    

Hire a stellar Realtor, that’s how!!  

You need to work with a Real Estate Agent and agency you trust to provide you with all the information available about the property.    One who directs you to websites where you can learn about the area schools, the amenities,  and the crime statistics/rates.  One who responds to your emails and phone calls.    Develop a trust and rapport with your Realtor and together, you’ll put together the deal that works best for you. 

Buying real estate isn’t a simple task, whether or not you live in Las Vegas or Timbucktoo.    Enlist the help of a New Home Resource agent and you won’t go wrong !