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If you’re thinking about selling your home, I’m thinking of telling you NOW’s the time!


Now, I’m not a clairvoyant and I’m not privy to any secret housing information, so all of this is based on my own gut feeling….  But I DO eat, sleep and breathe real estate, every single day!!!

Here’s my take on it:    Due to the negative effects of AB284 on our housing market (see my blog from 6-25-12), our inventory is at an all-time low…..  Interest in buying today’s undervalued real estate is incredibly high.   Together these two things = frenzied buying, overbidding and top-dollars being paid for today’s real estate.    Literally everything from vacant land to condos, manufactured housing to duplexes, single family to luxury homes are all receiving multiple offers, and selling above list price, day in and day out!    Cash buyers and financed buyers alike are overbidding to be the winners.

It’s my belief that the  effects of AB284 causing the current UNDER-supply of houses will conversely cause an OVER-supply when all these kinks get worked out on the bank’s end.   Once this glut of held-back foreclosures begins to hit the system, the generous supply of available properties will put an end to overbidding to win something.    A buyer will simply move along to a better-priced home down the street.

So THIS is why I say that NOW is the time to sell your home!    Even if you are selling short, I certainly believe that your lender(s) would be more likely to approve a sale at a higher price where their loss is less.    It could be a good bargaining tool as well!     And NEW HOME RESOURCE has a lot of experience with short sales!

If you are a traditional seller with equity In your home, selling TODAY could put more $$ in your pocket for investments, to build savings, pay for a college education or wedding, pay off debts or to buy a different home that better suits your needs.

Regardless of the type of sale, you definitely want to be working with the tenacious and knowledgeable Realtors® at NEW HOME RESOURCE!    Call Joanna Piette, Denise Moreno, Debbie Sullivan or Penny Womack today at 702-365-1000 !!   Don’t waste another minute!