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What is the true meaning of Thanksgiving?    We often ask ourselves that question.

When we do think about Thanksgiving, we think about being in a warm home with family, friends, food, laughter and fun.  Thanksgiving is the one time of the year that everyone comes together to give thanks and show appreciation by spending time and enjoying each other’s company.

So when you think about Thanksgiving,  what is the most favorable memory that stayed with you?    Was it the yummy smell of baking pies in the oven?  Or was it stealing pieces of the turkey as it was carved every year?   Or the home in which you were raised that gave the family a holiday experience they will never forget?     I remember my Thanksgivings moments.   Do you?   Share them with us……..

From all of us at New Home Resource, we wish you a holiday filled with food and laughter,  and all of the good things that make memories last a lifetime.