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With a season change readily approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the seasonal maintenance needed on your home. Yes, we live in a desert, and while most people think that we only have one season: summer, we do in fact have four seasons. Granted, we are blessed with beautiful weather and minimal rain for most of the year. With that in mind, here are a few home maintenance tips we at New Home Resource suggest for the fall season:

  1. Schedule a tune up: Having a technician come and tune up your heating system will ensure that everything is in order and will work during the colder months ahead. They will also check for carbon-monoxide leakage as well. Spending the money now will ensure that you’re not stuck with a broken heater and a 3 day wait for someone to fix it.
  2. Reverse the air: When it comes to turning on the heater it’s time to reverse the ceiling fans. Why? Reversing the ceiling fans to a clockwise spin will help to circulate the hot air, distributing the heat more evenly and cutting down the need to turn up the heater.
  3. Hit the roof: Checking the roof for any missing or broken tiles now could prevent water damage and save you a fortune when it rains. And we all know in Las Vegas that when it rains, it pours.
  4. Fill in the gaps: Caulking or weather stripping all the windows and doors will not only stop drafts but also help keep your heating bills down.
  5. Gut it: Clearing out your gutters of any debris will make sure that during Las Vegas’ infamous flash floods the gutters will work efficiently. You can cover the top half with a fine mesh to help prevent the leaves and debris from building up in the future.
  6. Test your sump pump: You should test your sump pump every few months especially after a long dry season, for which Las Vegas is famous. You can do this by slowly pouring several gallons of water into the sump pit to see whether the pump turns on.

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We all want to add value to our homes, however, most of us don’t know where to start. Before making any changes and expenditures on your home, you should contact New Home Resource today and have one of our fabulous Realtors® advise you on the monetary value of making changes to your home.

There are both small ways and big ways to add value to your home. Taking the time to go through your home with a Realtor® will help you to see where your money would be more wisely spent. Here are a few features that are attractive to prospective buyers:

1) Space & Light: Space and light is a key feature that nearly every home buyer wants. There are both less expensive and more expensive ways to get this in your home. The least expensive way is to enhance what is already existing with light color palettes and clever storage space. Utilize all existing built-in storage, and hide away any storage boxes from plain sight. Adding additional windows and knocking through walls to create open living spaces would be an alternative, although a more expensive one.

2) Curb Appeal: First impressions can make or break a home buyer’s decision to even step inside a property. Taking the time to trim the hedges, sweep the drive, and fix that squeaking gate can improve the chances of getting them through the door. Go one step further by giving the house a fresh coat of paint and paving a new driveway, if your Realtor® thinks it is worth the cost.

3) Create Extra Living Space: A great way to add value is to add-on to the existing property. One way is to add an extension or convert the attic into an extra room, but realistically that takes both time and money. A great way to create extra living space is to take advantage of Nevada’s weather conditions and create an outdoor kitchen and dining space. Adding a built-in grill with a designated patio space for dining is a cheaper way to create a desirable extra room.

4) Make it Fresh: It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to a room. While the existing colors may seem OK, a fresh coat of paint can really brighten and change the way a space looks. Steer clear of those colors that are more ‘taste-specific’; select wisely, opting for lighter and more neutral hues to increase the value and marketability of the property.

5) Go Green: Adding plants and trees to the yard can really make a difference. A quick and easy way to add green to your yard is to buy potted plants. If you’re willing to spend the extra money, hire a landscaper to design a warm and engaging space.

6) Define Your Space: Many people have extra rooms they don’t use or that they use for multiple purposes. When you’re selling your home you need to show the buyer the purpose for each room, especially those smaller rooms. Defining spaces can actually give the illusion of a bigger home. Turn that small room that you use for storage into an office space with a sofa bed.

7) Make it Sparkle: You don’t have to go through each room and remodel. That would be expensive and pointless if what is existing is in good condition. Look at all the fixtures and fittings. Do they look dated and worn? It is cheaper to replace all the kitchen handles than it is the whole kitchen. Add brand new towels and shower curtain to a bathroom to change the look along with replacing the fixtures. This is a much cheaper way to really enhance what you have and create a new look.

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