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City of Sin, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and many other ‘not so appealing’ sayings have accumulated over the years about our Las Vegas home! Many people don’t realize, but Vegas has much more to offer now-a-days than it has in the past. It is no longer just the home for gambling and girls.


This article goes into detail about things you didn’t know about Las Vegas and where to find them! 


How much do you expect to pay monthly for your house? How much will the closing costs actually be? How much is the down payment? Can you qualify for a loan? These are all crucial questions you should be asking a lender before you even start searching for a house!

What is your actual budget?

There is a difference between the maximum payment a buyer can qualify for and the amount a buyer is comfortable paying. Tax deductions, property taxes and many other things can help offset a mortgage payment that is higher than previous rent. Talking with a lender can help you lay out a plan where you are not drowning in payments.

What is a closing cost?

Closing costs are fees charged by lenders and third parties for paperwork, credit reports, etc. that vary based on where you live and the property you buy. Typically homebuyers pay closing costs between 2 and 5 percent of the price of their home. Closing cost fees are explained in more depth in this article. 

What will the down payment be?

Your own money (in addition to your loan) that you provide up front when buying a home is considered a down payment. Usually homebuyers are required to contribute 3-20% of the selling price of the home. The importance of the down payment amount varies but can majorly affect how much you need to borrow. A good rule to remember is the bigger the down payment (money up front); the less you have to borrow making your monthly payments lower. If you aren’t able to save for a minimal down payment (3-5%), you might want to reconsider whether you are financially ready to own a home.


The first step to getting these questions answered is finding a lender that you trust. New Home Resource recommends Premier Mortgage Lending using Cheryll Acevedo as the “go-to person” to talk to. It is important to know your options because there are many qualifications you need to meet and processes to go through when you are buying a house, especially for the first time!





imagesThe clock… We are always working against time with days where we just need “one more hour in the day”. Scheduling your time perfectly is a desire most people have but very few complete. Much of the problem results in lack of focus.

Instead of what we are supposed to be working on we check social media, watch videos, clean, basically anything other than what needs to get done. Then we get really stressed out and panic as the deadline approaches. Procrastination.

Procrastination usually gets the best of people and they don’t see it coming. Don’t let it take over or get stuck in a continuous circle every time you need a task completed. These steps should give a few suggestions on how to tackle this battle we all seem to face.

Break down your work – build out one project into multiple tasks. Each of your tasks will allow enough time to get something done without drowning you. With multiple tasks you can check things off your list giving you the feeling of accomplishment instead of the “I’m getting nowhere” attitude.

Change your environment – Different environments have a different impact on your productivity. If you surround yourself with other people working hard you will be more likely to also work hard.

Create a timeline – when you break your project into multiple tasks also create a timeline for each task ending resulting in the completion of the entire project

Find a buddy – seeking out someone who is trying to accomplish the similar goals is great motivation to stay on track. You can hold each other accountable while also learning from one another.

Don’t overcomplicate things. It is essentially very simple; you must complete A to achieve B. Take action because no one can procrastinate his or her way to being successful. Get rid of your negative thoughts and remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.






Unknown-1Be a smarter energy user and save yourself some money while you’re at it! Below are different things around your house that you could adjust to essentially save on energy and your monthly bills.


Water Heater:

  • Set your water heater to a lower temperature that still provides you with sufficient hot water. During the summer in Las Vegas this should be relatively easy since it is so hot outside.


  • Grill outside more often than using the oven, weather permitting. This will help to keep your kitchen cooler.
  • Don’t pre-heat your oven unless it is necessary. Baking is usually necessary but broiled items or casseroles usually don’t need it.

Drying Clothes:

  • Clean the lint filter more often to create more air-flow and less energy usage.
  • Many clothes should be hung up to dry instead of in dryer. Read labels and don’t use the dryer if you don’t have to.
  • When you do use the dryer, make sure the loads are even and full but not oversized. Having loads that are too small or too big can cause an unnecessary amount energy to be used.

For more energy saving tips at no cost or low cost, click here