One of the best things about buying a home? If you ask us, it’s about creating all those new holiday traditions! All the fun and festivities, the family and friends, the feasts and the falalalala’s. It’s a season we look forward to (presents & food!) – we dread (all that work, work, work to make it all perfect) – and we cherish (memories – both good and bad – whichever, they all make up our unique life stories).

We’d like to share some fun things centered on the holidays that we found and that put a smile on our faces. We hope they do for you, too!

image005A tree to remember. True story (<—-get it?) – because all your visitors will definitely be telling their friends about this one. Imaginatively simple and appropriately studious at the same time – this one tells the perfect tale about the host: Give me books for Christmas!



image007And for those who would like to take their Christmas tree in a different direction (<—ha! did it again!): An old ladder, a few boards, a little paint, and then bring on the lights and decorations!




image009What is better than a gift – that’s also food? (Other than a new Jaguar, we mean.) At least it’s great if you have people on your gift list that are passionate about their baking hobbies. Great tip: Offer a gift of holiday-shaped cookie cutters – but bake brownies in them for presentation. Fun, tasty, AND useful!


image011If presentation is everything, then we’d just like to say we need a few of these around to present our hors d’oeuvres for our holiday party. Arrange your mints on a parchment-lined pan, bake at 350-degrees for 5-8 minutes (watch them closely, though), turn out and let cool. A fantastically-easy and creative way to present your menu in style – and then hey, you can just eat ’em! (A neat twist: Use Jolly Ranchers….we hear they come out like stained-glass windows!)


image013Decorative balloons placed on a Frappuccino bottle + Ribbons = Are you kiddin’ me? How creative is this? An impressive and inexpensive packaging idea – great if you’re making homemade items such as bath salts or scrubs as gifts. We’ll take two, thanks!



image015And speaking of packaging, is this the greatest idea for wrapping children’s gifts EVER? We’re betting they’ll be so entranced, they’ll forget about the present INside. At least for awhile. (We know a few adults who would do the same thing!)



image017Gift Wrapping 101 continues with this clever presentation that will ensure no one at the office party is switching name tags on your Secret Santa deliveries! Note the cinnamon stick for a festive aroma, and the live greenery to enhance the effect.



image019We wonder how many of those paint-chip cards they have to keep in stock at Home Depot around the holidays?




image023Keep the kids in the spirit by assigning them the task of making these adorable GrinchKabobs for your holiday events. Or heck, just for breakfast. Green grape, banana, strawberry, mini marshmallow, and a candy heart on top. Couldn’t be simpler – or more fun (especially when they start piping the chocolate expressions on!)


image025Finally, if you’ve ever wondered how bakeries manage to create those adorable, individual lattice-topped holiday tarts, look no further. (It’s a little bit like exposing a magician’s secret, huh?) Eh – no matter. We figure we can use all the cheat-sheets we can get this time of year.






Whatever your holiday this season, and whatever your personal tastes – we truly believe they’ll all be better served in a home of your very own. If you’d like to make it happen for your family, let’s chat about it over the eggnog!

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