summer salads

Once summer arrives, it seems like the last thing we want to do is standing around and cooking over a hot stove, right? (Although having someone else slaving over a hot grill in the back yard is another story entirely!) So we started putting together a new list of summer salads that we think look fabulous, and these photos just looked too good not to share. (Feel free to make an extra batch of any of these and send it over to our office, by the way!)

Chickpea Tex-Mex Salad

Chickpea Tex-Mex Salad Seriously? Does this not just scream of cool-and-spicy all at once? According to Sabrina at Dinner Then Dessert, this summer salad “has a ton of flavor like most Tex-Mex salads, but with far less of the heavier and more caloric ingredients that would weigh you down. Having this lunch option will help you avoid falling into the normal restaurant salad trap where similar Tex-Mex salads are filled with cheese and sour cream and mayonnaise based dressings.” We’re totally on board with the whole idea.

Grilled Vegetable Nicoise Salad With Salmon

Grilled Vegetable Nicoise Salad With Salmon Okay – so let’s say we do have that guy out working the grill in the back yard. That’s perfect! All they need to do is grill us up some sliced eggplant and this amazing hunk of salmon, and we’re on our way to nirvana. Oh sure, a couple other items in this recipe might take a couple minutes on the stove (blanching green beans), and a few minutes in the oven (roasting beets) – but wouldn’t you say the end result is absolutely worth it? We would. We’d like to give a shout out to Laura at Hummingbird Thyme for sharing these mouthwatering photos along with her amazing summer salad recipe on her blog.

Sweet ‘n Savory Wild Rice Salad

Sweet ‘n Savory Wild Rice Salad Wild rice, grapes, cranberries and pecans (and Anna of Great Eight Friends says that adding some grilled chicken breast makes it even better). Seriously: YUM. Light, flavorful, savory, and sweet all in one dish – with a refreshing and simple dressing that is simply to die for. Bring it on.

Shaved Asparagus Spring Salad

Shaved Asparagus Spring Salad Minimal ingredients, maximum flavor – just the way we like to prepare our meals. Alex of Delish Knowledge created this fabulous vegetarian recipe (just throwing that part in because, hey – it matters!) – and even though it’s got the word “spring” in the title, we’re pretty sure it’s good-to-go anytime around here. Some tips from Alex: “This salad works because of the layering of flavors. If it grows in the spring, I put it in this salad. Thinly sliced radishes, mint, slivered almonds, couscous and a lemon-mustard dressing. Cooked couscous almost clings to the shaved asparagus like pasta, so I don’t recommend subbing out another grain in its place.” This one is worth investing in a mandolin, if you ask us.

Purple Cabbage, Orange & Walnut Salad
from Teczcape

Purple Cabbage, Orange & Walnut Salad A huge part of our dining experience comes from the visuals, as we all know. And we think this summer salad recipe is simply perfection for the eyes. (Not a bad experience for the taste buds, either!) Quick to prep and pull together, it offers a simple, fresh, and light meal solution on its own, or makes a great accompaniment for whatever that guy has on the grill tonight. Presented on Hui Leng Tay’s blog, we’re happy just looking at this one for the moment!

If you have a favorite summer salad recipe that’s your Go-To meal, we’d love to hear about it! (And taste it – so hey, share, okay?) Summer Rules All!

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