You’ve found the right house, made the deal and finished moving all of your old belongings. As you look out among all the boxes and disorganized furniture, you come to a realization: decorating a new home is going be laborious task.

Don’t worry. The process of decorating a new home always seems daunting at first. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Home decoration allows you to be creative and show off your personality. Interior design should reflect the owners’ persona. If you’re a first-time homeowner, chances are you’ve moved into a larger space and you’re on a budget. Consider these five tips to help you along.

1. Start the process early. In fact, you should be thinking about where furniture, paintings, etc. should go before you make the purchase. When you’re house hunting, try to think about space and how your belongings will fit within the layout.

2. Once you buy the property, sketch out a floor plan. You can do this by hand or via various programs available on the web. This activity will allow you to see the layout from a different perspective.

3. Hand-me-downs are your friend. Sure, these dusty old decorations may not have that crisp new look, but it all depends on how you present them. Unwanted items are also a great way to save money.

4. Don’t worry about matching everything. The idea that everything in your home must be one of three colors is, well, a bad idea. Sure, you don’t want a kaleidoscope of a living room, but try using your instincts when it comes to color.