It’s getting close to the holidays – and you’re already out of ideas, aren’t you? You’ve been through the malls and the department stores; trolling online sites looking for brilliant suggestions. Do we have the picture? (It’s okay – you can admit it. It’ll just stay between us.)

That’s why we wanted to lend you a hand with some gift suggestions that are a bit ‘off-the-beaten-path.’ And if these don’t do the trick for your needs – perhaps they’ll help to light up that cartoon-like bulb over your head to help you think of something that will! We have to go shop some more now. But you have fun with these in the meantime!

Ring Video Doorbell

image005Talk about the perfect gift for any homeowner! We all know there’s plenty of technology out there for our homes these days, but we can vouch for the fact that Ring is not only easy to use, but affordable, too. How Ring Works: The Ring™ Video Doorbell lets you answer the door from anywhere using your smartphone. It features an HD camera with night vision, providing a clear view from your front door, day and night.

It installs easily in minutes, with no professional help or additional tools required. A built-in rechargeable battery lets you install the doorbell anywhere, or connect it to existing doorbell wiring. Motion-triggered alerts sent via the free Ring™ app (iOS® and Android™) notify you of arriving guests and deliveries. With Ring, you’re always home.

NomadKey – The Charging Cable That’s Always With You

image009Small enough to be a stocking stuffer – and useful enough to be a lifesaver (at least for people with serious relationships with their smartphones!). This ultra-rugged, key-sized, flexible charging cable (available in both Apple Lightning and Micro USB form) – makes it easy to charge your device from the nearest USB port without lugging around cables and wires (which is why most of us don’t have a charging cable handy when we need one!).

Gift the Gift of Dropbox Pro

image011It’s not often you’re able to actually give the gift of “Peace of Mind.” But this is one gift that will truly bring that to your recipient. Think about it: There’s a reason there are so many horror stories about computers crashing – because it happens more than we like to think. If it’s ever happened to you, you’ve probably already taken steps since then to make sure your digital life is backed-up. (If not – hey! Great gift idea for yourself, too!) But for those who haven’t been there – or aren’t as tech-savvy as they would like – giving the gift of online back-up can save them from ever losing those irreplaceable photos, videos, and information. It may not be “sexy” – but it WILL be appreciated. As soon as their friend loses all their data in a computer mishap, and they think to themselves: “Man – I’m glad that’s not ME!”

MOVA Globe

image013You want “different”? You want “unique”? Then the MOVA Globe might be right up your alley, then. (You really have to see the video to get the full effect.) No batteries, no wires – just amazing technology that allows this globe to remain in perpetual rotating motion using only ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. A real conversation piece for home or office. A calming (and mesmerizing) gift that you’ll score points for! (You can see one up-close-and-personal at Boulevard Trophy right here in Las Vegas, too.)

New West KnifeWorks

image015Not something for the ‘faint of budget,’ but even a single Chef or Utility knife from New West Knifeworks will bring a work of art to the kitchen of whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Each knife is a finely crafted masterpiece created by America’s premier boutique knife manufacturer. As far as we’re concerned, the images speak for themselves. Visit their website to learn more.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pants Tea Pot

image017You are saying to yourself right now: “Omg I know someone who would LOVE that!” (Do we know you, or what?) More to the point, this tea pot is so adorable, who Wouldn’t want to have a bit of this whimsy in their home? Definitely something you don’t see in every store you go to (we found it on – and after all, isn’t “unique” the goal for gift-giving?

Here’s to a great holiday for everyone! (And feel free to send any of those gifts our way, too! <wink!>)

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