curb appealLooking to sell your home soon? Or maybe you’d just like to give it some curb appeal for spring. Whatever your reason (oh – we forgot about family coming to visit, too!) — we’ve got just the thing for you: Five ways to spruce up your home’s curb appeal that will go a long way toward extending a welcoming impression. An inspiring list to freshen things up that won’t break the bank (or require a planning commission to get under way).



1. Paint or stain your front door. A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel modern and inviting. Not quite sure which color to choose? Hey – there’s an app for that – literally! You can download it here, and it will show you just how your door will look in different colors – before you do the shopping and labor. Just make sure your HOA approves any paint selections!


2. Don’t you just love the look of kickplates? Most people do (not to mention they actually have a purpose!). It might be just the boost your door needs to take it to the next level of awesome.



3. What about that door hardware? Well, you can replace it – or polish it – or even spray paint it to get an exciting new look. (Just don’t forget about coordinating the doorbell and hinges!)



4. Tile your porch. Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words. Two pictures practically scream at you – – at least, we think these before-and-after images do that. Just think of it as one way to take your front porch from” b-o-r-i-n-g” to” filled with caché!”



5. Exterior light fixtures are always changing in style. Dress them up! Just look at how great your door, hardware and porch look now! Coordinate with your new door hardware colors, or go with something fresh, bold and beautiful.

These five ideas are just to get you started – but there’s no reason you need to stop there. New house numbers, planters, symmetrical pots or décor – the list can go on for ages. Seriously, isn’t that one of the reason you buy a home anyway? Because stuff like this is fun – because when all is said and done, your home looks fabulous!

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