Before you start fixing all of the expensive problems in your home that made you want to sell it in the first place, think about what needs to be done. Don’t try to upgrade or get the most expensive replacements. Just because you spent money to make your home look nice, does not mean the buyer will consider that in the price of the home. To make your home more valuable there are a few tips and tricks that you may want to consider.

The kitchen is known as the “heart of the house” and to most buyers, if the kitchen is small, cramped or outdated it is a no brainer on the home. Appeal to the emotions of a buyer. You want them to feel like they have to have that kitchen. Match your appliances, decorate with warmth, clear the counters for more space and do a little research to “open up a room” or refer back to New Home Resource’s Design Ideas for Small Spaces blog article.

Homebuyers appreciate beautiful landscaping and curb appeal but they will also appreciate an easily managed exterior. If cleaning up the outside of their house is quick, easy and minimal, buyers will be more inclined to stick with your house. In Las Vegas especially, if you have rock in your yards and minimal grass and plants to water, your home is more appealing than home sites with grass needing to be maintained. Outdoor living has become very popular among buyers so try to also embrace any patio areas and outside entertaining options. Spruce up the exterior with furniture, decorations, etc.

Flooring can be a big deal to buyers. It is not suggested that you boast about your wall-to-wall carpet. Carpet is expensive and hard to keep clean (especially with children). If you do have carpet that is not appealing to the eye, think about adding a rug or ripping up the carpet and doing a little DIY project. Here are a few ways to make your floors more appealing.

It’s hard to think about spending money and time on fixing a house you are trying to sell, but it will be worth it. The value of your home can significantly change when minor fixes and decoration changes are a big factor in your buyer’s eyes. There is no way to tell which efforts will attract the most buyers, but some research or advice form your qualified real estate agent could really get you going in the right direction!

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