fall wardrobe

Here in Las Vegas – where the weather is awesome for most of the year (except for those annoying few days of summer) – we get used to the eye-rolls when we talk about the weather turning cooler. We know we’re not going out to shovel snow for the next 3 months, or keeping an eye out for nor’easters to make sure our storm doors are up in time.

But the change of seasons does happen here!!  And in a totally awesome and enjoyable way. That’s why when it does, we like to make some seasonal changes in our home environment, too.

Even though it might not be  -10° outside, we still want to put away the shorts and tank tops so we can finally pull out the comfy sweaters and jeans. (We don’t get to wear them often, you know.) Not to mention, with all of the autumn and winter outdoor activities there are to enjoy in Southern Nevada, yes – we all get into the spirit of the season, too! That means we’re also adding seasonal touches of décor in our homes that reflect the holidays and upcoming celebrations.

Besides, it’s also the perfect time to start getting organized and to rid yourself of that clutter and clothing that’s cramping your style. (Are we right?) So, ready for a few suggestions? Let’s get started!

Start with the Closets . . .

• Pull out the spring and summer clothes, and remove those items you haven’t worn in over a year. (Don’t lie to us, we know that you know – deep down inside – that you probably never will again).
• Replace them with your fall and winter clothing – but be sure to go through them all beforehand to discard anything that won’t fit or you won’t wear. (Ugly Christmas Sweaters have to stay, though. Contests….you know.)
• Go through any boxes and non-clothing items in your closet and throw away anything you don’t need.

Head to the Kitchen . . .

This may be the most daunting space, but hey – you’ve got holiday baking and party hosting to do! That means:

• It’s time to dig out that turkey platter, and maybe even your mom’s old china. (What are you saving it for? A “special occasion”? Well then, this is the time!)
• Go through your pantry and refrigerator and throw away any expired foods. (Don’t worry – you’ll be filling them up again with great things during the season.)
• And, if you have food items in your pantry that you know you won’t use before they expire, donate them to a local food bank.

Then Dress Up the Place!

The one thing we think should be absolutely stress-free is bringing out the holiday décor. After all, this is a happy, beautiful time of year (right?!) – let’s keep it that way by:

• Making holiday decorating an event and enlist the family to help.
• Before you decorate, give the house a good cleaning. That way, your house will be fresh smelling and sparkly, in more ways than one. (Enlist the family for this part, too ☺)
• Incorporate natural items that are readily available. (We think the loveliest seasonal looks are the ones that bring the surrounding environment inside.)
• Resist over-accumulation by purging unused decorations – or hey – maybe even trade decor with a friend! (Just for a year –it’s okay, you can trade back.)
• If you like to set up decorations the same way each year, don’t just leave it to memory. (Especially if you have “Monica Bing” syndrome.)  By taking photos and notes, you never know – one year, someone may want to surprise you by doing it all for you – just how you love it!

We’re not going to pretend that this covers everything. Because if you’re anything like us, one good turn will bring up another and another and another . . . Somehow, before you know it, you’ve got the Pier One showroom on display in your gathering spaces. (Weird how that happens.)

But get started, because the weather’s cooling down, the leaves are turning (yes, we have leaves turn in Las Vegas – jeez!), and it’s time to start creating some family and holiday traditions.

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