Do you ever get the feeling that your rooms are too cluttered but you have tried so many different options and nothing seems to work? Haven’t we all! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration! We have gathered some cute and clutter free design ideas from HGTV. If you like what you read, take a look at some of the pictures along with a few more design ideas!


Kitchen Storage: Open up your kitchen cupboards by replacing them with storage shelves. This allows rooms to be divided in a tasteful, helpful way.

Desk Space: Small bedrooms sometimes don’t allow enough space for multiple large items. Instead of adding a desk, build a shelf between small spaces to create your own workspace.

Bathroom Storage: Do you have a small space between your sink and your bathroom wall? Fill it with narrow wall shelves.

Light and Bright: Avoid dark colors to make smaller spaces open up and seem more “roomie”.

Divider: Try using a sheer curtain as a divider instead or boxing off rooms with a bulky bookcase.

Beneath the Stairs: Add a unit under the stairs to take care of the extra space. Create a space for picture frames, a lamp to bring light to a dark space or other accessories.