When your days start to get shorter it is a sign that Fall is coming! Coffee houses are selling their seasonal pumpkin collections, hot chocolate becomes more popular at the grocery stores and it is rare to walk through a store without seeing a witch, giant bag of candy or a seasonal candle.

Now along with all the goodies comes time to clear out the collections of summer! Here is a checklist of chores that will help organize and prepare your home for the winter season.

  • Wash all windows and mirrors in the house with glass cleaner. Take your time to minimize streaks.
  • Vacuum EVERYTHING. By everything we mean couches, stairs, closets and of course the usual living, dining and bedroom floors.
  • Give your painted or wood-paneled walls a nice wash/dust.
  • Dust off the ceiling fans. We know those collect an unbelievable amount of dust!
  • Take the kitchen and make a garbage sweep. Clean out the cabinets, pantry and refrigerator! You know there are items that you will never eat or use. Consider donating!
  • Tackling the closets might be a day of adventure in itself. Start storing clothing that won’t be worn until May and start digging out the boots, coats and other winter clothing you haven’t seen since last October!
  • When you walk around your living room, kitchen, bedroom and really any place in your home that seems to have clutter, take a moment and decide, “Do I really need to keep this?”

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