ANYone can throw some burgers on the grill and have a back yard bbq (well, if they have a back yard, that is). Are we right?

But you – you’re better than that. You’re proud of your get-togethers, whether they’re impromptu or long-planned events. It doesn’t matter if you do it all yourself, or share the duties. Maybe one is working the grill and the other is at the margarita machine. The point is, like any good host or hostess, you want your guests to have a great and memorable time.

Because these casual gatherings are precisely what make up the memories we carry with us through life. They’re why we work so hard all week, why we wanted a home of our own – so we can have these amazing, laid-back events where the line between family and friends is a little more blurred than usual (and we don’t mean because of the margaritas, either!)

Towards that end – of helping you make your cookout fall into the “Remember that great time we had at _______’s house?” category – we’ve gathered a few suggestions together that might already be just perfect for you, or will be if you tweak them a bit your way. Party on, Dudes & Dudettes!


image005There’s no better solution for early arrivals – or even the post-lunch slump – than a collection of “no skills required” lawn games. Set out a basket of Frisbees, Wiffle balls, and badminton rackets, or pull that croquet set out of the garage. Then set them up in easy view. (It’ll be a hit with the kids, too!)


image007It’s all about the food. Seriously – did you ever notice that when the food starts trailing off (or not looking too fresh from sitting out too long) – the party starts to wind down? (And don’t even get us started on the drinks!) Take a look around the house and see what you have handy to multi-purpose – like this kids’ swimming pool that keeps it all fresh for hours. (Don’t like the little painted animals appearance? Line it first with a couple of inexpensive plastic tablecloths to match your party theme!)


image009Juggling plates, napkins, and silverware. We all know how that works out. At your next event, help your guests avoid that conundrum! Punch a hole into your disposable plates, tie up your utensils and napkin with twine, and loop it through the plate. They’ll have a free hand as they tackle the buffet (and it will move things along much faster, too).


image011Help them keep cool (or at least keep the scorching sun at bay) by providing a supply of fans and sunblock. Bug spray is an especially nice touch. Even handy bowls of ice cubes around with some heavy paper towels is a great idea (for here in Las Vegas, anyway!).



image013Take a page from a rustic wedding, and prepare a fun way for your guests to build their own S’Mores. (Think of all the time you’ll save worrying about what to serve for dessert!) Shish kabab skewers and cans of sterno make this idea a blast for everyone.



Don’t forget the dogs! Hot summer days with lots of friends around can get them excited – so calm them down with a little planned-ahead of time treat cooler for them. Throw some smaller-sized treats into an ice tray with water and stick them in the freezer overnight to keep tails wagging (and maybe not always underfoot!).

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