image003Homes out here in the Western U.S. are different, as many mid-Western or East-coast transplants have discovered. One reason, of course, is simply climate-related. Especially in Las Vegas, we certainly don’t need to plan for months of snow-covered landscapes. Another reason is that the West just has more room than those Atlantic coast states. (That’s a big reason for the “Go West, Young Man” part of our history.)

But while to some people it seems that all the construction in the western states is pretty “new” (although to be fair, compared to the 13 colonies, we suppose it is) – that doesn’t mean that the home features out west haven’t evolved. In fact, over the past 10-30 years right here in Las Vegas, things have changed quite a bit when it comes to floorplans and lifestyle – which means there are a wide range of home design options available, both for new and resale homes.

So when you begin your home-shopping, give some thought about where the following home features fall on your “Must-Have” or “Eh-Not-So-Much” list.

Laundry Room

image005We live fast, busy lives today – and where once upon a time we could live with a laundry area in our garage, or better yet, inside an interior closet – today it’s different. Now, one of the most popular home features buyers seek (up to 92%) is a separate laundry room, complete with cabinets, surfaces for folding, space for ironing – and just basically, a place to keep the mess out of living areas and contained in an area in a room for all things laundry. (And a laundry sink: Big plus!)



Exterior Lighting

image007Once considered the domain of the well-heeled to showcase acres of gardens and landscape features around high-priced estates – now, exterior lighting has become a necessity for 90% of homebuyers. Any home in a typical neighborhood is going to benefit from illuminating not only important landscape features, but also the walkways and the exterior of the home. These days, it’s actually become a necessary combination of style, appeal, and safety. Highlight those landscape elements you’ve installed that you’re most proud of, grab potential buyers’ attention with expertly placed spotlights, provide safe walkway paths, enjoy the benefit of security motion sensor lighting, and add pendants or other decorative illumination in outdoor entertaining areas. Better yet, you can take it solar – so all the added beauty, drama, and function is eco-friendly, too.

Energy Efficiency

image009It used to be that windows like this in a Las Vegas home meant sky-high energy costs (or lots of drapery!). But with the use of today’s more energy-efficient window design and insulating features, along with dual or even triple sealed panes and UV-ray reducing coatings – this is a style that can be enjoyed by many. But windows are just one way of cutting energy costs while adding beauty and more home features. Today’s appliances are Energy Star-rated – offering more size and capabilities at lower annual utility costs. In fact, many homes built in Las Vegas today include energy-efficient standards in a number of areas that are highly rated in the industry – from insulation and roofing, to quick hot water delivery systems and more. Of home buyers out there searching for their next residence – or looking to upgrade their existing home – as much as 90% want included energy-saving features like these.

Garage Storage Space

image011No doubt about it – buyers with growing families need lots of storage space (81% of buyers agree with that statement.) For that matter, it’s even possible for a single person to need that space, too. So many people work from home these days, or have a second job as a sideline, that the need for extra places to keep things orderly and accessible grows all the time. (Just think about your seasonal decorations!) A well-designed garage with storage units and shelving makes it possible to easily keep these things out of your main living areas well-organized, to boot. Unlike an attic, or a backyard shed – or worst of all, an off-site storage space you’ve had to rent – the garage is just a few steps away from your living areas, making it easy to transport items from there to other parts of the home when needed. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of increasing the space in your home.

Kitchen with Eating & Work Spaces

image013Perhaps the one area of the home that’s changed more than any other is the kitchen. What was often considered simply a place to prepare meals and then retire to the dining room to enjoy them has truly taken its place as the “heart of the home.” Now, when people create meals, it’s a communal process. The cook enjoys the space to craft healthy meals, try new recipes – and guests enjoy the homey feeling of being part of the process. It’s warm, it’s familiar, it’s entertaining. It’s our favorite place to gather – near the food! So it’s no wonder that over 80% of buyers want lots of cabinets and surfaces to work with – and a generous kitchen island with seating for the family or guests. The kitchen has become the place to congregate, keep up to date with everyone, and share your daily news.

These are just a few of the home features you’ll want to consider before you start your home search and begin whittling-away at your selections. While it’s always possible to rehab your home to include these items, some of them can be a costly proposition, and that investment might be better made in simply buying the home that already includes them.

And unless you plan on this being your very last home purchase, you’ll always want to keep the resale value in mind –along with the fact that other buyers just like you will be wanting these same features, too! The team at New Home Resource will be happy to help you identify those homes on the market that include the things most important to your unique lifestyle. Give us a call and we can make it happen!

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