homebuyers sold

See that headline? We hear that a lot from homebuyers – and unfortunately, it happens all the time. Especially here in Las Vegas, or in any popular real estate market, really.

Potential homebuyers are out shopping for their next home. They see several in a short span of time, and then that little quirk of human nature kicks in, and they think “I want to see them all before I decide.” Actually, there’s nothing wrong with that attitude. It’s pretty natural. But when you’re spending days, weeks, or months touring homes with your Realtor® – only to discover that the ones you just saw are often sold by the end of the same day – well, that just sort of sucks.

Because while you’re seeing it for the first time – the truth is, the house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow, is often the house that another homebuyer looked at yesterday and is making an offer on today.

We’ve been there. We see it happen all the time. And while we do our best to help our clients find the home they’re going to love and then be successful in acquiring it…. when demand exceeds supply, it’s just not always possible to take the “see everything and then decide” approach.

The right Realtor®, however, will know this about their market. And if yours hasn’t explained to you how quickly (or slowly) the homes in the area are selling, then you’re not receiving the service you deserve. Staying on top of the facts, figures, and statistics about these things (and a lot more) is part of their job.

Other things your Realtor® should be knowledgeable about include which homes in your preferred area and price range have sold and for how much; if multiple offers were received for them, or they sold for more or less than list price; and homes that may have a chance of being available again if a homebuyer can’t complete the transaction. Of course, much of this information is only going to be available through a Realtor’s® network of agents and other industry professionals – which makes it that much more important for you to make sure you choose the right agent to begin with.

But getting back to the fact that sometimes, homebuyers just can’t take the time they would like to decide on a home – there are ways that you can hedge your bets a little.

For example, you can make a list ahead of time of all the things you would want to know about the area in order to make your decision – like the neighborhood, schools, shopping, parks, etc. That way, when you visit the home, you’ll already know if it makes the ‘short list’ of your most important wants and needs. And if the house itself works (or doesn’t) for you – then you’ll be more comfortable making a rapid decision if it’s necessary.

Also, let your Realtor® know exactly what are your priorities for your new home – so that he/she can keep their eyes (and ears) on alert for the right properties. Is it the size? Age of the home? Number of bedrooms? The area? A certain school district? Everyone has different things that matter the most to them – so don’t expect your Realtor® to be a mind-reader. If there’s anything they didn’t ask about that really matters to you, be sure to bring it up.

The key to being a smart – and successful – homebuyer is to be as informed as possible before you enter the market – and to have the right Realtor® working hard on your behalf. The fact is, you may actually need to make an offer while sitting in the kitchen of the home you just toured, without having a lot of time to think it over. Don’t leave it all up to chance – be prepared, define exactly what you want, have the best agent by your side – and that will increase your odds immensely for making the right choice at the right time.

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