In 2015, home sales are predicted to rise to 7% across the nation. If you are considering selling your home this new year, this may be the year to take the next step. The value of homes has been steadily rising in the last few years and is expected to continue that incline as the year progresses. Across the United States, homeowners are finally making profits off of their homes. The US has also seen an overall improvement in the national economy, which has lead to beneficial results in the housing industry. With home sales on the mount, 2015 may suggest the increase in job growth as well. A new job may have already happened for you so you may need a bigger place for all your recently uncovered success.

A steady and reliable economy can give you the confidence you need to sell your home. Las Vegas alone has grown impressively in the last three years. New restaurants have not only increased tourist traffic but residents are finding satisfying respite again in this desert paradise. Projects like the Downtown Project increase residential participation and occupations. Nevada has seen some tough times with foreclosures, but Las Vegas may be at the start of getting over that slump. Due to the subtle, national economic upswing, our housing market is making its gradual climb back to the top.

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