Your real estate agent is your best asset when looking for a new home. Just by talking with you and discussing likes, dislikes and “must haves” they know what areas and types of homes you are probably looking for. That being said, we are all human. If the first house you look at is not what you want, say something. If the area suggested is not where you want your family growing up, say something.

There are many common courtesies that get lost in the home buying process. The first and foremost is punctuality. Realtors® work to accommodate buyers because their jobs are completely centered on satisfaction. If you are going to be late, have prior engagements or no longer wish to work with the suggested Realtor, all you have to do is call. Respect is key in such a relationship-oriented business.

Don’t think your home needs to have a “love at first sight” affect. Sometimes the curb appeal can throw you off, leaving a bad taste for what the layout and floor plan will look like. Try not to “judge a book by its cover” when looking at houses and have an open mind. What might look rough on the outside could be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of on the inside!

Don’t get discouraged when the homes you find online have already been sold or are higher than the listed price. If you have an open relationship with your Realtor®, he/she will to their best to get you the best home you can find! Remember real estate agents work for you and it is their job to help, support and meet your needs. If there is respect between all parties, the home buying experience will not only be successful but exciting as well!

If you are looking for a new home or wanting to sell your current home, please contact a New Home Resource Realtor® today at 702-365-1000. Broker Joanna Piette, and agents Denise Moreno Thrasher, Jessica O’Brien, Evelyn ‘Beng’ Kern, Lance Partin and Kathy Paterniti are all here to help!