Never before today in my real estate career have I encountered so many folks who are buying property, sight unseen. 

In today’s busy, busy world of real estate purchases, more and more out of state and foreign buyers are wanting to invest in the Las Vegas housing market.  I personally think NOW NOW NOW is the time to buy!  I could be wrong, but just live daily around these incredible prices,  and I can’t help but  think we should all be gobbling It up like candy.     

I’m apparently not the only person who feels this way about Las Vegas real estate 🙂

However, this concept becomes an issue for buyers not living in Vegas – how can they jump on the “purchase today” bandwagon  when they aren’t here to physically visit the home and consummate the purchase?    

Hire a stellar Realtor, that’s how!!  

You need to work with a Real Estate Agent and agency you trust to provide you with all the information available about the property.    One who directs you to websites where you can learn about the area schools, the amenities,  and the crime statistics/rates.  One who responds to your emails and phone calls.    Develop a trust and rapport with your Realtor and together, you’ll put together the deal that works best for you. 

Buying real estate isn’t a simple task, whether or not you live in Las Vegas or Timbucktoo.    Enlist the help of a New Home Resource agent and you won’t go wrong !