image003When it’s a seller’s market, competition among buyers is just a(n unfortunate) given. It’s great for the owner, of course – but frustrating when one home after another escapes your grasp because another buyer’s offer is accepted over yours.

Maybe that’s why just sometimes, a little out-of-the-box thinking can come in handy. Sure, money talks – but it’s not the only language a seller speaks. And if a buyer can be creative enough, they might just find a way to turn the tide in their favor. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few examples where going off the beaten path made all the difference for these buyers and sellers.

Pizza, Anyone?

As most people know, the real estate market in Portland, Oregon has been hot for a while now. So when Donna DeNicola found the home she wanted to buy last summer, she wasn’t surprised there were four other offers on the table ahead of her. In order to catch a break, her offer was above the asking price, she threw in free rent for the owners, and added one unusual clause: She would provide the seller with a free pizza every month for life. (By the way, Donna just happens to own an Italian Restaurant in Portland.) It ended up being just enough to make the difference for the sellers, because her offer was accepted over all the others.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Emily Reuter and Kyle Skellchock had spent months searching for a home in Washington, D.C. – and perhaps it was serendipity that led them to fall in love with a home that would bring a happy (and furry) ending to their search, and tremendous peace of mind to their sellers. The owners were selling their D.C. home to move to Florida, and weren’t able to take their dog, Buddy, with them. But as it turns out, Emily and Kyle fell in love with both the home AND Buddy, and when they discovered the seller’s predicament, were more than happy to offer Buddy continued permanent residence in his current home . . . as their new pet. The offer they made for the home was nearly identical to another potential buyer’s – but their willingness to take in Buddy made the difference to the seller. End result: They got the home, and the wagging tail, too.

The point, as we mentioned above, is that it’s not always about the money. As emotional as a home purchase is for the buyers, in many cases it’s even more so for the sellers. They’ve lovingly cared for it through the years and enjoyed many happy and loving memories there. And it’s not that uncommon for a seller to choose an offer (even if it’s the lowest) because they felt a kinship with the new owners-to-be.

We don’t deny that sometimes a little craziness can help convince a seller you’re the best choice. But when you’re starting out on your search for a home, be sure to get all of these ducks in a row first. They’re easy to do, and they give you just that much more of an edge when you might need it the most:

• Use a great Realtor™ and a lender who both have excellent reputations.

Get your financing in place with a formal pre-approval letter in hand.

• Be prepared to put down a large earnest money deposit.

And when you do find the home you love, it won’t hurt to write a compelling letter to the sellers. Explain what you love about their home, why you want to live there, and perhaps share a bit about yourself. (And then maybe think about throwing a few pizzas into the deal, too!)

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