final walk-through checklist

The Big Day has arrived. All the contracts are finished, the inspections are done, the appraiser has done his/her job, your mortgage loan is approved and loan documents are waiting for you at escrow. All that hard work you’ve been putting in these past few weeks all boils down to this day: Your final walk-through and getting the keys. (Well, it may be your final walk-through, sign documents, wait for recording, and THEN get the keys – but you get the drift.)

This is an exciting time – so exciting, in fact, that it might be easy to forget about checking out some important things when you do the final walk-through with your Realtor®. Normally, that would be okay – because if you chose the right Realtor® they’ll be looking out for you and following up on all those things you might overlook. However, it never hurts to have a back-up plan – and two (or three) heads are better than one, right? So we wanted to give you a quick and easy list of reminders that you’ll want to double-check before you head out the door.

What to Take With You

Again – your Realtor® will probably have many of these things with them, too – but just in case, be sure to bring along:

• A notepad to document your thoughts and the final walk-through.
• The Purchase Agreement, along with any Addenda – to refresh your memory about all the terms with regard to the condition of the property.
• A copy of the Inspection Report – so you can confirm all necessary repairs have been made.
• A camera – or your smart phone and a charger. (The charger can also be used to confirm electrical outlets are working.) But you’ll want to have photo documentation of any issues that need to be addressed.

What to Look For During the Final Walk-Through

At this point, certainly you’ve already seen the home and an inspector has reviewed it, and various people told you repairs were done. But that doesn’t account for two things: Time – because things can happen between then and your closing date; and Sellers – because, well, things can happen. By that we mean movers may have caused damage the Sellers aren’t aware of, or they accidentally loaded things on the truck that should have stayed with the property. It’s not that we’re saying Sellers have bad intentions – just that “things happen” – so you want to be sure, right?

• Is the house broom-swept clean? Is there any damage caused by movers?
• Confirm all items that should be with the home are present – such as appliances, window coverings – all things that the contract state go with the sale.
• Also confirm that anything that shouldn’t be there isn’t. This can range from trash and construction debris, to personal belongings or furnishings that should have been removed.
• Check the HVAC system – make sure the thermostat is working and that the heat and air conditioning are working properly.
• As you walk the home, make sure all the doors and windows can be secured. And while you’re at it, check for missing screens, broken glass, or hardware that’s not operational.
• As mentioned above, making sure that any repairs required from the Inspection Report is critical.
• Check that all appliances are working.
• Make sure all warranties and instruction manuals are present (most are available on-line if not).
• Confirm garage door openers are there, ask for garage door codes if there’s a keypad.
• Confirm mailbox location and keys.

You may think that “Of course I’m going to do all these things at the walk-through!” – but you’d be surprised how often new buyers are so excited that they’re concentrating on where to place furniture or what new pieces to buy for that charming bay window they’ve never had before. That’s why it might just be a good idea to print this out and take it with you that day. Because we’re nothing if not meticulous about having a back-up plan – for every situation!

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