There are many myths that have been around for generations when it comes to buying a home and it is unfair to the buyer and the Realtor® during the process. This will be the first blog in a series of seven in order to educate and explain the “truths” behind these home-buying myths.

Myth #1: Working directly with the listing agent will get the buyer a better deal…row_of_flowers_2

As a buyer, it is to your benefit to research homes in your area for sale, what exactly you are and are not looking for, your price range and many other aspects into your home buying process. This research, however, is not enough access to fully know what is available. By going directly to the listing agent and cutting out the buyer agent, the buyer is only hurting themselves. A good real estate agent is there to track the process, be an extra set of eyes, and uncover unknown knowledge in the buyer market.

Another downfall to buying straight from the listing agent is that “Buyers don’t know what they don’t know”. Realtors® know what to ask, they know different values to look for and they have access to so many helpful things. Buyers, in the end, save little to no money by NOT using a Realtor®. The Listing agent would simply make double the commission.

When working with their own Realtor®, the buyer gets an advocate, an inside look at the market and a trusted advisor to represent their best interests for no extra cost.

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