As Realtors, one of the first things we do is make sure the buyer in our car has the ‘ability’ to buy:  either they have cash funds to purchase, or they need financing.   Buyers who’ve had a short sale or a foreclosure often think it’s the end of the road for them…. that due to their impaired credit,  they’ll not be able to buy a home for several years.     Well, look no further!      

Las Vegas-based company Premier Mortgage Lending is able to help homeowners who’ve had a recent short sale or foreclosure, and get them into a home – – at today’s incredibly low prices!      The buyer must qualify with at least 20% down and a stable job, regular income and debt ratios that work with traditional loan types, but credit may be overlooked.      Premier Mortgage offers a free prequalification service – – if you or anyone you know has impaired credit, but does have a stable job, regular income and at least 20% down, please urge them to call Premier Mortgage Lending today at 702-485-6600.