The Las Vegas housing market is finally on the way up after being labeled the “Foreclosure Capital”.

With rock bottom prices, Las Vegas is seeing an influx of cash buyers as investors are grasping the opportunity for rental properties.

With over 59% of homes sold in February purchased by cash buyers, the market made a new record for Southern Nevada.

How should you play this fast-paced market to ensure the best price?

  1. Cash offers are more likely to be accepted by home sellers, due to quick closings and no appraisal valuation issues.
  2. Those with financing should not be discouraged, however, overbidding and guaranteeing the seller your offered price (regardless of appraisal) seems to be the way offers from financed buyers are being considered.
  3. The answer is not to be the ‘first’ offer, but the ‘best’ offer.
  4. Get aligned with a New Home Resource agent who is at the pulse of the market and knows how to get in the game!

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