image003This year, Las Vegas has been reaping the results of the long-term recovery in the real estate market with many economic indicators headed in the right direction – Up. A drop in unemployment, more new homes starts, an increase in the sale of resale homes – overall, we’ve seen a consistent improvement each month across the board. And that’s a welcome change for home owners / sellers, buyers, and the real estate industry as a whole.

And the good news continues: New home builders are seeing more first-time buyers entering the market, and as the job market improves, Millennials are beginning to transition from renting to owning. Single-family home sales have hit a 9-year high nationwide – and here in Las Vegas, the median price of homes has increased by 10% compared to June 2014.

Granted, for several years, it seems there’s been nowhere for the market to go except up. Due to the uncertainty in the job and housing markets over the past seven years, 7.4 million home sales have been lost. And while many of those sales may never be recovered, the housing demand is now being driven by population growth, higher employment, and improved incomes. It’s all great news – with industry analysts predicting that the U.S. housing market should continue to improve into 2016.

Adding to this resounding recovery is the fact that more buyers are once again able to become owners. Those who were hit hard by the recession have spent the interim years rebuilding their credit and recovering financially. And many who experienced short sales or foreclosures have moved past the mandatory imposed waiting periods imposed before they could obtain a new government mortgage loan. (Although thanks to a special financing program from one local Las Vegas lender – Premier Mortgage Lending – buyers are also eligible to get non-traditional financing as early as one day after a foreclosure or short sale is completed. Visit for more information.)

When you combine all these excellent reports from all sectors of the U.S. economy – and add in that mortgage interest rates are still at long-time historic lows – more and more buyers are able to pick the home they love and receive that “Loan Approved” phone call we all hope for.

But to find out if you’re able to get that good news, you have to ask! Discover if you can get back into home ownership by contacting a real estate professional or mortgage lender today. Here at New Home Resource, we’re making it possible for Las Vegas residents to do it every single day. You could be among them.

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