House Offer Accepted

It’s like winning the lottery, right? You’ve searched and searched, and finally found the house you love. You put in an offer, you hope it’s good enough, you prayed that the seller liked you best . . . and just like that, all your worries disappear! The seller accepted your offer and you’re thrilled! Woo-hoo! And then you think, “So, what do I do now?”

To be honest, you have a gajillion things to do. Okay, maybe not quite a gajillion, but between getting all the steps done to finish your home purchase – and having to pack and move – it may seem like that.

But the good news is, you went into this with an experienced Realtor®, and you have the comfort of knowing this very important thing: Your Realtor™ has your back for everything that comes next. After all, they are the ones who got your offer submitted and accepted!

Just to make sure you have a good idea of the next steps in your journey to becoming the new owner of this perfect home, we’ve got a quick checklist to get you prepared. (Keep in mind, though, that your specific transaction may have additional steps because every home purchase is different.) Many of these things will be automatically handled either by your Realtor™ or your mortgage lender – but it’s wise to be aware of the status of each item during this process. So always feel free to ask questions!

  1. If you haven’t already, shop for your mortgage lender and choose which one you’ll be working with. (Although an experienced Realtor® should have made sure you did this before submitting your offer – just FYI.)
  2. Ensure all the necessary “earnest money deposit” funds are paid into escrow.
  3. Order the home inspection.
  4. Ensure you know which documents and information your mortgage lender needs – and get that to them in a timely manner.
  5. Review the home inspection report with your Realtor™ to discuss the findings and any repairs needed (as well any costs).
  6. The lender will order the appraisal.
  7. Get your closing funds ready, according to the instructions from your lender.
  8. Select your home insurance company.
  9. Schedule your walk-through.
  10. Close escrow at the title company and get your keys!

Of course, in-between all of these steps, you also need to find time to notify your landlord that you’ll be moving, pack, schedule utilities to be turned off and then on again at your new home, change your mailing address and online account addresses – and make sure that someone is going to plan you a nice, big housewarming party! (Okay, that last part is optional, but it sure would be nice, huh?)

During this time of busy transition, you may get a little anxious, perhaps a little stressed, have a lot of questions, or need help finding solutions for some things. That’s part of the process and it happens to everyone. But always remember that your Realtor™ is there to help you and hold your hand through it all.

In fact, we know that’s actually a huge part of our job. Of course, it’s important that you have someone you can rely on that knows all the proper steps to take and the legalities involved – plus make sure that your interests are being looked out for.

Choosing the right Realtor® ensures you’ll have someone on your side who wants you to understand every step of the process, and makes sure that at the finish line, you’re happy with your purchase and with the service they provided to you, too.

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