Family is the best, isn’t it? People you’ve known all your life that you can trust and rely on, especially when the going gets tough. (Well, in some families, anyway.) If you have a good one, then you know there’s a lot of love and caring between all the generations, and the ties between you are strong, indeed.

But when we hear a statement like that in the headline of this article, we can’t help but cringe.

And it’s not necessarily because such REALTOR®/Client relationships turn out badly (which they can). It’s more a matter of even if they turn out well (which they can, too!), it most likely could have been an even better result by working with an experienced and reputable REALTOR® – that the client wasn’t related to.

Why do we say that? Feelings. (And we’re not talking about the song.)

It’s one thing if a straight business deal runs into a snag. You can simply walk away afterward, and life goes on. But if you’re doing business with a family member who isn’t providing the service you’re expecting, what do you do? Sometimes, deals like these go badly because no one wants to hurt a family member’s feelings, so they end up lowering their standards to avoid a tough conversation. And (heaven forbid) – if you do end up having to fire them, that can turn into a family drama that could sever more than one familial relationship.

However, even if all is going well, problems can still exist just below the surface. One party may be anxious about asking certain questions (will they think you’re doubting their expertise?) – or making an important request (well, they’re family and they’re in the business, so they must know what’s best for my situation, right?). Even if your home sale or purchase gets completed – one can always wonder: If I had asked those questions, could I have gotten an even better deal? (That’s the kind of ‘wondering’ that can stew below the surface for months – and could still affect the family relationship later on.)

It’s a dilemma, that’s for sure. We’re not saying that just because you’re related to a REALTOR®, that you shouldn’t hire them to represent you. What we are saying is before you do, make sure that person has certain professional qualities that you need and deserve – because after all, we’re talking about a substantial financial investment. And if being a family member is in addition to those qualities – then you could have a winner!

What are the qualities that should come first on your list?

1. They’re a Top Performer in their field – with the experience and drive needed to find you the right home.
2. Their expertise is in line with the kind of help you’re seeking.
3. Providing timely and exceptional service is one of their top priorities.
4. You’re comfortable asking questions, expressing your opinions, and stating your expectations to them.
5. No pressure – they understand the final decisions are up to you.
6. Their goal is to give you all the information you need to make those decisions.
7. If you weren’t happy with them, you know you could fire them without life-altering consequences.

If #8 also happens to be “They’re actually part of the family” – then, hey – problem solved!

But if they don’t measure up to the first 7 traits on the list, we recommend taking a graceful “pass” on their offer. Let them know that you prefer to keep family as family, and business as business . Then take steps to find the right REALTOR® to help you get the best results possible on your real estate transaction. (One more tip: If you decide not to work with family, don’t add insult to injury by asking them for ‘free advice’ during the process. That might make them a bit cranky at the next family gathering!)

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