realtor®One of the things that homebuyers seem to take for granted is that every real estate agent knows how to negotiate. It’s much more than simply extending an offer and writing up a contract, and it’s something that not every agent knows how to do well. Of course, it’s important that every step of the home buying process is handled properly, which is why we recommend always choosing an experienced Realtor® with a great reputation.

But it’s not unusual for buyers to be so happy they’ve found the right home, that they forget how critical it is to have an experienced negotiator on their side. In fact, it’s not only the agent’s negotiating experience that matters – but also their knowledge of the area, the neighborhood, the history of the home, and even the Seller’s agent (and then some!). Having all this information not only allows your agent to exude an air of confidence, but it also means they’ll be able to be creative, flexible, and “read the room” – making sure they get the best deal possible on your behalf.

Once you’ve found the home that you love, it’s time to move on to the next step: Negotiating the deal and writing the sales contract. The contract will put all the details in writing, but the negotiation is where the competency of your Realtor® will play a major role through this process. If you have an experienced real estate agent who has written hundreds of sales contracts, you should be in good hands. Make sure that you take your time and ask any questions you may have (because we promise you, there are no dumb questions during this stage of the home buying process!).

Buyers in hot, or even warm, markets need to remember that no one gives anything away in real estate. Sellers may very likely have multiple offers on their home, and they get to pick and choose. If your agent makes a lowball offer while others are offering list price (or even more, which is common), you very likely receive a firm, “No.” – – And just like that, the home of your dreams is gone ☹

Agreeing on a price is just the beginning. Because even if you’re thinking you got a ‘smokin’ deal’ – remember how true this is: The devil is in the details. Some of those details that can end up putting you on the receiving end of a bad transaction include the appraisal, time frame, property inspection, who pays for needed repairs, costs and fees, seller incentives – – and the list goes on. There’s no point in buying a home for a great purchase price if you’re responsible for massive repair costs due to the inspection results. Or if the buyer doesn’t have to move for 8 months. Or, … well, you get the picture.

Don’t be the buyer that an inexperienced agent uses as their “Guinea Pig” to learn what not to do. Your time, money, and life are too important for that. Make sure your Realtor® knows their stuff, because it will save you much frustration, anxiety, and grief down the road.

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