No lie – there are times when it’s great to be thought of as SuperRealtor! And then there are times, when … well, notsomuch. Helping a client buy their dream home (or sell their existing home to get there) – is a wonderful feeling. Pulling all the details together and helping everyone to reach the finish line is so incredibly satisfying to a Realtor™, both professionally and personally.

BUT…. (you had to see that coming, didn’t you?) Even Clark Kent had a day job.

And by that, we mean at any given time, we have a lot of balls in the air – it’s just the nature of our job. So while we do our best to “be there” whenever a client needs us, there are times we simply aren’t at liberty to drop everything and rush out the door. (Emergencies are, of course, another story. And yes – there are real estate emergencies to deal with at times.)

After all, if you were the client with whom we had scheduled an appointment in advance to view homes, or to take care of paperwork, inspections, etc. on your home purchase or sale – you wouldn’t be too thrilled at the idea of being ‘ditched’ because of someone else’s poor planning – right? And (it’s always amazing to us that people don’t think about this until we point it out) ….we’re Real People, too! That means we have a work life and a home life (okay, sometimes). There are hours we’re awake – and hours when we sleep. (Aaaaack! What a concept!)

We’re the first to admit that with the 24/7 nature of Las Vegas, sometimes people forget those little details. So we’d just like to point out three little courtesies that will help you and your Realtor™ get along even more swimmingly.

• Respect Your Realtor’s Time – As Much As You Do Your Own

Do you have an appointment scheduled with your Realtor™? We’d really love it if you’re on time. But we also know that ‘things happen’ and get in the way of even the best-laid plans. Just keep in mind – it takes us time to drive to that appointment, too. So if you know (or even think) you may be late for a scheduled appointment, please give us a call as soon as possible. Often, even a 15-30 minute hitch in our schedule can inconvenience many other clients, the other agent, the sellers, and staff that we work with. It can be the difference between having a productive day or seeing our schedule thrown into complete havoc (and having to play the “I apologize/Catch-Up” game the rest of the day). So those clients who appreciate that we have a schedule, too, well – we appreciate they recognize that fact more than they know.

• Failing To Plan Ahead

Ideally, buyers and sellers choose a Realtor™ to work with because they believe we’re good at what we do. Most people will ask friends or associates for a referral to a good agent because hey! – we live in a “social” world anymore. There is simply more trust placed in a business or a professional because someone you trust has had a good experience with them.

The news flash that goes along with that? It means we work hard. And that our schedules are busy – just like yours. Let’s face it – would you want to hire the Realtor™ who has nothing but “free time”? Nope. You value us because we’re dedicated to doing a great job for every single client. All that, while practicing the delicate balancing act of maintaining a personal and family life, too. (And yes – we know that’s not a problem exclusive to Realtors™. All the more reason to empathize…because we know everyone deals with that.)

That said, it’s a pretty safe bet that most people have a sense of when they plan time in their schedule to view homes. Talk with your Realtor™ about a mutually beneficial schedule – and then you’ll both be on the same page to find a day and time that works for you both. Because it all falls back on that “respect for time” we mentioned above.

• Expecting “Instant” Communication – At Every Hour

Vegas is a tourist town – we get it. And we love it! However, just because you’ve come to town shop for a home and chose to utilize this trip to catch up on your casino recreation at 3am, it doesn’t really follow that we’re sitting at home waiting for your text to come through about that time. Sometimes, there are reasons we must be available by phone, just as you have had such situations occur. But we also have the hope that our clients will respect our off-hours and not shoot us messages at any hour of the day or night, asking to go look at homes in 3 hours! Ahhhhh……yes, it all boils down to – once again – respect of time.

But that respect is absolutely a two-way street. A professional Realtor™ is completely dedicated to giving each client the time and attention needed (and then some!) to make sure their real estate needs are met – – and exceeded. We work hard, during long hours to know our market, to know the always-changing laws and regulations, to get our clients exactly what they’re in search of, and still manage to get it all right. And we love doing it, too! We just also happen to love it when our clients realize we’re just like them . . . we need to play, rest, and take care of our personal lives, too. We promise, if you’ll keep that in mind, you’ll get the very best of every service we have to offer!

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