Is it time to sell your home? Do you already have a price in mind? It really does not matter what you or your listing agent thinks the house is worth. Did you know that the buyer actually determines its value and eventual price? Pricing a home is more than just estimating, it is comparing similar homes for sale, tracking the market and documenting present inventory.

The problem with pricing your home too high is that it won’t sell. When it doesn’t sell people tend to switch listing agents and the home is priced lower. At this point the price is still too high and your home has been on the market longer than expected. Bringing in a third agent, who does research, compares and analyzes the market and home prices in the area, your home now even lower, and it finally sells. Because it was on the market for so long, the selling price is lower than what you originally could have gotten for it. This is where the importance of the advice of your listing agent comes into play!


Don’t always go with the agent who suggests the highest listing price. Good listing agents want you to get the most money possible out of your home sale and know that there are many factors that go into determining a price. The range of pricing will be determined by location, temperature of the market and improvement needed to the house. If you are determining which agent to use and can’t decide between a few, ask for a track record. Most likely, the agent with the lower fees will show more price reductions and a longer time on the market!

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