Last week, we shared some helpful tips and contact information for those who are moving to Las Vegas from other cities. But that got us to thinking, perhaps we should back-up that train a stop, and discuss some of the things you should consider BEFORE making that big move.

Moving is big business. It’s estimated that about 40 million people in the U.S. move each year, and more than 7.6 million of them are moving to another state. Because of the proximity of Las Vegas, and the fact that it’s a top Sunbelt destination, we may perhaps have a higher percentage of those out-of-state moves than other places – considering our weather, recreation and entertainment, services, and all the conveniences offered in a major metropolitan area.

For those who choose to move to Southern Nevada to be near family or for work opportunities, those two factors will most certainly weigh heavier on the “Pro” reasons to come to Las Vegas, of course.

But if you’re simply trying to decide between one of several different cities to start out in life, find a new start, or in search of a place to wind down after a long career – here is a list of things to consider when comparing one city/state to another. (Because every little bit helps, right?)

1. Where Will You Live?

Whether you plan to rent or buy a home, there are resources that can help give you a fair idea of the cost of the housing market where you choose to move. Check around online at websites like or – as they can both offer some information about both the rental and buying markets. But don’t depend on them as your sole source of information. (And by the way, just beware of the numerous scam listings for both on Check with the local Chamber of Commerce or the website for the city you’re interested in learning about – because they will often have “Moving to …..?” packages they can send to you that include a great deal of helpful information.

Of course, if buying a home is at the top of your list, it makes sense to find an experienced and reputable Realtor® in that city that you can work and communicate with. They’ll be able to help you pinpoint the most important features about your home and the area you wish to live, and as your ‘boots-on-the-ground,’ their assistance can be invaluable.

2. Where Will You Work?

Sometimes the job is what brings you to a new city. Sometimes knowing friends, family, or associates in an area will help you find employment more quickly when you move. But if you’re starting from scratch, research the types of jobs that are available in your field online at places like, or – or any number of job-seeking/job-placement websites. It used to be that scanning the Want Ads in the local newspaper was the method to get a feel for employment in another area; but with the move to digital and the efficiency that offers to employers – your best bet is going to be starting with your search through the internet.

That’s not to say that once you arrive, it should still all be done “online.” Quite the contrary, employers are impressed with those who make the effort to present themselves in person for many positions – especially small businesses (of which there are many in Southern Nevada – because we’re not all about huge hotels and casinos, you know!).

3. Weather and Location.

Most people have a pretty good idea if they want to head for a place where the sun shines all the time, or where they can experience the four seasons. What they often fail to consider, though, is the proximity to those “life conveniences” that you’re used to, but may not be available in some places.

For example, if you’re in Las Vegas – the convenience of a major international airport within 30 minutes of virtually any point in the valley is something you get used to quickly – whether you’re the one traveling, or you’re picking up friends and family at the airport. On the other hand, if you’re used to that convenience and move to Vermont, you may not realize you’re going to be a 3-hour drive (one-way) to the Boston airport. The same thing applies to shopping, culture, entertainment, and many other everyday things that you may take for granted now, but might be giving up in your new city. A list of what you can – and can’t – live without can be very helpful in narrowing down your choices.

Those three things are only the beginning, of course. There’s also a need to give serious consideration to several other circumstances – some may affect your life, some may not– but could in the future, and some may not matter at all. But that list continues with such topics as:

Taxes. State income tax can take a huge chunk of your income (except in places like Las Vegas, since Nevada has no state income tax at all!). Be sure to add this to your financial considerations.

Quality Health Care. With the changing health care climate in the country, this has become a more important issue than ever before for many people. Don’t simply assume you’ll have easy access to the care you need – confirm it. (By the way, Las Vegas has many – and some of the best – hospitals and health care providers in the country – and resources are growing all the time.)

Education. If there’s the slightest chance you may want to continue your education now or in the future, be sure to look into universities and college opportunities nearby. A quick look at each city’s Wikipedia page can be helpful to show what schools are available. (Las Vegas is the home of UNLV, CSN, and Nevada State College, along with a number of special trade schools from Touro University to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.)

Transportation. Moving to an urban area? Then do you really need the expense of a vehicle? (Given Uber and Lyft and other options available these days.) On the other hand, the West is a bit of a different animal. Planned and developed during the heyday of the U.S. automobile, contrary to what people think – you can’t just pick up a friend at the Reno airport when you live in Las Vegas. Things are a bit more spread out here, and the public transportation that’s so available in the East isn’t really on display out West. So plan accordingly.

We figure that should be enough to get you started. A move is a big thing – and exciting time – and fills the future with unlimited possibilities. And if Las Vegas should become your moving-destination-of-choice, know that the crew at New Home Resource is here to help you find just the right new or resale home for your family’s needs. We love this place – and we’ll be happy to show you why!

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