Vegas Golden Knights

If you’re any kind of sports fan – or even if you’re not – there’s no denying that having not one, but two professional sports leagues coming to Las Vegas is a Very Big Deal. (How about those Vegas Golden Knights? We know people who’ve made hockey their #1 favorite sport since they arrived!)

That excitement isn’t only for the fans, either. With professional organizations like this, there are new people moving to town – working for the league, servicing the influx of visitors, providing the new commerce that surrounds a major addition like this to a city. And with Raiders Stadium under way, that level of energy is only going to keep growing.

The addition of these national sports teams is only one of the reasons that Las Vegas is seeing growth continue – along with new resorts underway, convention and new business expansions, the available job market, and much more. But it raises an important question that (admittedly probably) isn’t the very first thing people ask themselves when they prepare to move:

“How important is the right REALTOR® when looking for a home in a new city?”

The truth is, that’s one question that should be very near the top of the list – because a reputable and experienced REALTOR® is someone who can help you with several of multiple decisions you’ll confront with a big change of location. “Which part of town should I choose? How to determine the best schools, traffic, shopping, and recreation spots? Where is the best resale? Low crime statistics?” – and so much more. Your REALTOR® should be able to help you clarify your needs and wants, provide information to help you make informed decisions to meet them, and work for you to find exactly the right property at the right price for you and your family.

We’ve written articles about why the right REALTOR® matters so much (see “How to Know You’re Hiring the Right REALTOR®” and “What Do You Mean It Sold Already?”) – which discuss what to look for, and how the right one can be so instrumental in helping you get the home you want. (Great reading, and gives you things to think about!)

But the basic facts you should know about your REALTOR® are simple and irrefutable:

• How long have they been working in real estate?
• What is their experience in this city? (which parts of town do they know best?)
• What is their average number of clients at a time? (will they have time for you?)
• Are they part of a team? (can they provide timely support during your search?)
• What is their reputation in the industry? (can they give you references to contact?)

The most important thing about choosing the right REALTOR® is this: Start by doing your own research. And one of the easiest things you can do is simply pick up the phone. There’s a lot to be said for a company’s culture in how they treat every customer (especially the “potential” ones). At New Home Resource, our team is among the most experienced, helpful, and friendliest in the city. We’ll be happy to prove it – just give us a call! 702.365.1000.

New Home Resource helps current and future homeowners with all of their Las Vegas real estate needs. Whether your preference is for property management, a newly built home from a local builder, or a resale property in just the right location, a New Home Resource Realtor® is here to provide the service you’re looking for. Please contact a New Home Resource Realtor® today at 702-365-1000 or visit Broker Joanna Piette, and agents Denise Thrasher, Jessica O’Brien, Evelyn ‘Beng’ Kern, Kathy Paterniti and Heidi Colón are all here to help!