Las Vegas

We SO don’t blame you. Even though it’s one of those cities that when you tell people that’s where you’re from, they’ll respond with comments like “Oh sure, but where are you from originally?” (Because…. Las Vegas isn’t a real place?) Or with the ever favorite “You mean people actually live in Las Vegas?!!” (Said with some astonishment, as indicated by that exclamation mark.)

But you know what? That’s really okay. Because it means that we get to live with this little-secret-of-a-desert-oasis a bit longer – without the hordes having shown up yet to enjoy all the things we already know about Vegas. (Or, change that to – at least everyone hasn’t moved here yet!)

The City That Never Sleeps
We often associate Las Vegas with a 24/7 slot machine, but it’s so much more than that: You can also order Chinese food 24/7 (we could stop right there, right?), go grocery shopping 24/7, just about anything. In fact, it almost seems as if everything here is 24 hours (which it’s not, but it doesn’t take long to get used to what is). We have 24-hour taquerias, ramen shops, bars, grocery stores, athletic clubs, pharmacies, gaming restaurants, Starbucks, smoothie shops. You’re asking yourself right now “Do I really need a smoothie at 4 a.m.?” Probably not, but the point is you can get one. Ah….the taste of freedom!

Beautiful Scenery Just Minutes Away in Every Direction
Outside of the fact that many of the suburban areas surrounding the center of the city are well-planned to accommodate recreation, biking, hiking, and sports – there are some world-class recreation areas just a few minutes from the glamour and fast-pace of the city. Valley of Fire, Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Red Rock Canyon, to name a few, offer trails for every level of difficulty with incredible views of Vegas and the surrounding area. And Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers boaters and fishermen a place to get their water fix in the middle of the desert. A little farther afield and you can enjoy the skiing at Mt. Charleston or Brianhead, Utah, visit Death Valley, and the list goes on. (And dare we mention that a trip to the Pacific Ocean is a mere 4-hour drive?)

300+ Days of Sunshine
People often associate Las Vegas with brutal heat, but the truth is that on the whole, the weather is relatively mild. The average annual temperature in the valley is 67 degrees, with temperatures rarely dipping below 45. While it is true that it is hot here in the summer, this is a town that’s built to cope with that lifestyle, in more ways than you can imagine. And – as locals are always eager to point out, “it’s a dry heat.” That might sound crazy….but it really is true and makes a difference – as anyone who has dealt with “humid heat” can attest! It may surprise you to know that we get our share of rain, too. In fact, summer desert rainstorms aren’t that unusual around here.

It’s an Amazing Place to Live, Raise a Family, or Retire
There are lots of negative stereotypes for Sin City, and that’s a sad fact, because when you get outside of the glitzy downtown area, you’ll discover the churches, schools, and grocery stores of the town outside the inner city where everyone seems to know everyone. Las Vegas – even at its size – is famously known for being a “small town,” actually. There are the tourists, and then there are the locals. Las Vegas is like any other city – you shop, eat out, watch a movie, go to the dentist, wait your turn at the DMV (although, ours is pretty ahead of the game – with an app that lets you check in online and show up precisely timed for your appointment!), and hike in the national parks. It’s more than just a city of slots and roulette. For many of us, it’s home. Las Vegas has plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods and suburbs, too – like Summerlin, Providence, and Centennial Hills, just as examples. And Forbes states that Henderson has been voted the second safest city in the U.S. If you’re moving to Las Vegas, you won’t have any trouble finding a nice, quiet residential area that feels like home.

…And the Tourists Pay Your Taxes
Businesses headquarter in Nevada thanks to the friendly tax climate – and the same goes for those planning to retire, too. No Nevada state income tax is a big deal – whether you’re counting big bucks or trying to make that fixed income go farther. With almost 40 million tourists visiting Sin City annually, it’s no surprise that whenever you see those casinos flooding with people chunking their change in every slot machine, you’re watching funding to pay for all of your roads, schools, parks, and local services. In fact, Nevada hotel-casino operators accounted for roughly 45% of State General Fund revenues in 2014. Why does that matter? It means residents enjoy the third lowest state and local taxes in the U.S. Also, Nevada has low property taxes, and approximately 33% of the state sales tax is paid through the gaming industry. Thank you, tourists!

Add to all this the upcoming inaugural seasons of professional sports (go NHL & NFL!), the festivals, the entertainment, the food (some of the finest restaurants in the country are found in Las Vegas) – and you not only have a great place to live . . . and we’re just getting started!

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