As a Realtor®, have you ever wondered what keeps customers coming back to you every time they move or refer their friends and family to your services? Have you ever broken it down to see what they really wanted and what you delivered? It is very important in the real estate profession to keep your customers happy and meeting the needs and desires that they have expressed in their ideal home!

Here are a few qualities to present when you are talking with new and returning customers:

  • Make sure you are representing your client’s best interest. Fight for what they are looking for and don’t push them into a house that is convenient. Make sure the house they are looking for is the house they end up purchasing. They will be very grateful for your loyalty.
  • Be sure they know that you love your job and you are enjoying the process of helping them find their home. When the buyers see the excitement in you it will make them appreciate your efforts that much more.
  • Take away the stress of the buyers by educating, guiding and answering their questions. If you don’t seem to know the answer, find it for them and provide results the next time you meet. When it comes to signing papers they will know you have their best interest and trust that they have made the right decision.


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