The supply and demand for real estate has been doing some odd things for a while now. The effect of the Great Recession has created a somewhat unusual flow of homes coming onto the market for sale largely based on the actions of large banks intermittently releasing parts of their inventories of foreclosures on their books.

Whether their actions are good or bad for the market isn’t the topic here, though. What we’d like to do is help buyers understand what, exactly, they may be up against as they go shopping for their next home in Southern Nevada. Because one thing we see often is the seller having a choice of which offer they want to accept. And when you have just fallen head-over-heels for a home, it’s scary to think that the final decision of who gets it is completely out of your hands.

Or is it?

While there may be some things that can’t be overcome (for example, when a buyer makes a financial offer much higher than you can afford to pay) – for the most part, people tend to start out on a relatively equal footing. Most people will work with realistic appraisal estimates, most will need to obtain mortgage financing, etc. But there are a few things you can do that might help tip the scales in your favor.

First thing to remember: Sellers are people, too.

Okay, okay – we know that sounds obvious. But what we want to convey is that in being ‘human’ – their opinions and feelings can often be swayed with the smallest of issues; and if all things are equal financially in the multiple offers they received, then what will they base their final decision on?

We like to think that the numerous tips we’re about to give you all fall under one basic umbrella: Respect.

When you have gone out of your way to show a seller respect – for their time, their hospitality, their consideration, and their privacy – those are awfully easy (and free) things you can do in your interactions with that seller to build a bond of sorts that could just get you that purchase contract you’re longing for. Let’s get started, shall we?

Get Your Mortgage Loan Pre-Approved

We tend to harp on this topic in many of our posts – but that’s because it is such an important thing to do for so many reasons. In this particular context – when you’re trying to convince a seller that you are their best choice among many offers – you want to be able to clearly demonstrate these three things:

(a) You can afford to buy this home;

(b) Your financing has already been reviewed and approved by a reputable mortgage lender; and

(c) You are ready, willing, and able to get to closing

Having that ace up your sleeve – especially when many other buyers haven’t taken the same steps already – can easily move your name to the top of that “Consideration” list.

Be On Time

And if you can’t be on time, let everyone know that as quickly as possible.

Acknowledge the fact that selling a home can be a real time-suck. Sellers need to keep things neat, clean, and tidy at all times, rearrange their schedules to meet with Realtors™ and potential buyers, perhaps they’re meeting workmen to get minor repairs done – there’s a lot of work involved for the seller, alone.

So if you’ve made an appointment to view a home, be punctual. Running late? Call ahead and ask if they would prefer to reschedule – and definitely don’t let that happen more than once. Late appointments or no-call/no-shows until after one was scheduled can leave a bad taste in a seller’s mouth – about you. (insert demerit point for that!)

Show Courtesy for Their Home and Space

This is far from being an exhaustive list, since every home and seller will have its own special circumstances. But start with these items as your rule of thumb – and remember, it is simply not possible to be TOO courteous. So when in doubt, impress them with your consideration.

Be respectful of parking. Don’t inconvenience the neighbors, and don’t block the seller’s cars in the driveway. If you need to walk from down the street a few houses, that’s a small price to pay to avoid making a poorly-timed bad impression.

Remove your shoes. This may not make a difference to all sellers – but it may make a huge difference to YOUR seller. Stay on the safe side. In many cultures, it is a huge faux pas to wear shoes inside at all. It’s a whole lot easier just to not risk it at all.

Don’t overwhelm them with a huge group of people to view their home. Try to minimize to just the heads of the household – at least for the initial visit. Forego the parents and best friends accompanying you; and on the first visit, it’s wise to skip bringing the kids. There is a liability that the seller assumes having people in their home – and think about it from their point of view. It’s uncomfortable to have people wander off from the group and then having to wonder/worry what someone is doing in the bedroom when you’re all in the kitchen, etc. If you decide this is the home for you – schedule a time to bring the rest of the household with you to view it at a later date.

Don’t take photos without asking permission. Especially in this day and age – with the potential for an image to go literally from non-existent to a media sensation in mere moments. Many people go to great lengths to protect their privacy specifically from this possibility. If you’d like some images to help you plan and remember specific things – ask the owner if they would mind if you take a photo, and frame the image it in a way that they will be comfortable with.

Certainly there are many other thoughtful considerations you can put into play during your interactions with a seller – but remember this: You don’t know until you see a home if it may be “The One” that you simply must own. That means you want to practice these particular etiquettes – and perhaps others that your Realtor™ will recommend – with every home you visit in your search. Do that, and you’re going to be miles ahead of your potential competition to be the new owner!

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