“I’ll do it myself, honey.. We’ll save money and it’ll be a piece of cake!”

How many do-it-yourself home improvement stories start like that – and end with total frustration? Actually a lot more than you would think. In spite of all the great “DIY” shows on television about flipping homes and rehabbing houses, it’s not as easy as it appears – especially if you’re not a handyman by trade. (Seriously, when is the last time you ever saw the star of one of those shows working up a sweat? Yep – they’ve got a whole crew of folks that take care of the details so they can look good on-camera!)

As this is the time of year most people start thinking of making some long-awaited changes, or if you just want to get your home dressed up and ready to sell – here’s a few questions you should ask yourself- BEFORE you dig in.

1. Are you overestimating your skills?

Some people are handy, and some just think they are. Especially if you’re making repairs in an effort to sell your home, remember this: Buyers can tell when things aren’t right (and they hire inspectors to help them with that, too). If a job isn’t done right, you may have to bite the bullet and hire a pro after the fact, too. Talk about frustrating.

2. What is your time worth?

It sounds easy, right? Remove the vinyl, lay some tile, get a little grout . . . and voila! And there’s probably no reason that you can’t actually get it done. But what other things will you have to set aside to make that happen? Work? The kids’ football games? Add to that the unsettling experience of having a room you use regularly torn up and unavailable – and the pressure is on you to perform in a hurry.

3. What’s your budget?

Whatever you think it’s going to cost – double it. Many times, people forget to add in the details, and it ends up costing a lot more than they expected. For example, you may be able to buy that flooring for $2.00/square foot – but what about the: glue, backing, underlayment, grout, tape, joint compound . . . and the list goes on. If you don’t have the necessary tools to do the job right, there’s another expense you weren’t counting on. By the time you calculate for overage and wasted material, repairs and touch-up when you’re done – that professional installer is starting to look much more appealing.

4. Do you have the right safety training?

Of the 43 million do-it-yourselfers who take on home projects, 20% of them wind up in the hospital each year due to accidents that occurred during those projects.

5. Do you need to get any building permits?

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but failure to have the necessary permits for certain improvements or repairs can actually kill a deal years after the fact. Home inspectors will look for them on record for the property, and if you can’t produce them, it can cause you big problems down the road.

6. They’re right when they say “the devil is in the details.” Do you know how to follow-through to the end of the project?

Some of the biggest complaints that buyers have is repairs or upgrades undertaken by the do-it-yourself homeowner – because they didn’t finish it as a professional would. Fudging the baseboard trim, failing to cut materials to the right size (and thinking that ‘caulking’ is your new best friend). They’re the signs of a job half-done, and you wouldn’t want to see that in your home, either.

In short, there’s a reason that people work in their trades – because very few of us can “do it all” – and their years of experience bring you a quality product that’s done right, done quickly, and best of all – includes a warranty (something do-it-yourselfers don’t have to rely on).

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