Las Vegas Property Management

In the past, we’ve written about the true value gained in working with a professional real estate agent when buying or selling your home. (If you’ve missed the compelling, timesaving, money-saving reasons we listed – take a look here. And here. And here.)

But what about hiring a Property Manager? To be honest, there are some very good reasons you may choose to handle it all yourself – a few being that you live near the property, you have the time to devote to the job, and you can handle many repairs yourself. But there are many excellent reasons smart investors choose to rely on a professional to manage one or all of their rental properties – and they include the following (which is just the beginning!):


Higher Quality Tenants / Better Tenant Retention.

An experienced property management company has seen thousands of applications and knows how to quickly dig for the real facts about candidates and analyze that information for warning signs. While it’s certainly possible to get a bad tenant out of your home once they’re in – we can generally all agree that it’s certainly better not to accept them in the first place.

By allowing a management company to handle the screening, you’re also shielding yourself from rental scams directed at owners, and discrimination lawsuits resulting from an inconsistent screening process. This kind of experience takes time, and because it can help you avoid bad tenants, scams, and lawsuits – it’s arguably one of the most significant benefits a property management company can provide. A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants that pay on time, rent for longer terms, and put less wear and tear on the unit – all of which are optimum benefits for owners.


Avoid Costly and Time-Consuming Legal Matters.

In addition to federal laws, each state and municipality has their own regulations – but just a few of the legal matters that will require meticulous attention to detail are:

  • Tenant screening / Background checks
  • Proper lease agreements to protect your interests
  • Safety and proper conditions of the property
  • Inspections
  • Rent collection / handling security deposits
  • What steps to take in case of an eviction
  • Proper handling of terminating leases

No one wants to be caught up in the drama of tenant legal issues – they’re costly and frustrating – and most likely, your property will also stop producing income while the matter is being litigated. The ability to avoid a single lawsuit can more than pay for any property management fees, not to mention sparing you time and anguish.


Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs.

Protecting the value of your property investment – and keeping tenants happy – requires a commitment to keeping your property well maintained and repaired. By hiring a management firm, you gain access to their in-house maintenance staff, along with their network of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors who have already been vetted for quality work and fair pricing. This can translate into significant savings compared to going through the yellow pages and hiring a handyman yourself. Not only can your property manager get volume discounts on work, they also know the contractors and understand maintenance issues – so they are capable of intelligently supervising any work that needs to be done.


Peace of Mind.

If you’re spending a huge chunk of your time dealing with tenants, repair issues, and chasing rent payments – the best question you can ask yourself is: “What is my time worth?” While there are certainly some people born to be landlords and they may thrive on the whole process – most people have other things they either could or should be doing with their time.

Some of the things you won’t have to worry about when you hire a property manager include middle of the night emergencies, filing evictions, worry about tenants wrecking your property, piles of paperwork, and the impact of improper repairs.

But then there are the things you will get to think about: Such as focusing on managing your assets and building your investment portfolio; having more time for yourself and family; and more freedom to live and invest where you want without having to be near the properties you own. One more added benefit: Your property manager knows the market – and may also be in a position to help you locate and acquire additional properties that allow you to build your wealth.

Of course, it’s just as important to hire the right property management company – one who has the right experience, knowledge, connections, and reputation. To find out more about Property Management Services provided by New Home Resource, click here to visit our website – or contact us at 702.365.1000.


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