Property Manager Residential Lease Agreement

When you don’t look too far behind the scenes, being a Property Manager sounds pretty ‘easy-peasy.’ After all, what does a Property Manager do, anyway? Hand out keys, collect the rent, and get paid big fees for a few minutes of work each month?

Well, as soon as you find a Property Manager that does only that – give us a call. Because we’ve never met a reputable property manager who didn’t work hard on behalf of their clients to keep all the i’s dotted, the t’s crossed, the tenants, owners and maintenance people happy – all while complying with the laws and regulations of the city, county, state – and the Feds.

Not that we’re complaining! Far from it! When you’re an experienced professional in the real estate industry – as are the experts at New Home Resource – it’s almost a genetic thing for us. We can’t wait to dive-in to organize and address all the steps involved in managing our clients’ properties to the nth degree. It’s something we love, or we wouldn’t be doing it!

But be under no illusion that it’s an easy job – and that’s something that a new income property owner might not realize. A Property Manager needs to know how to handle all the steps required in order to do their job well – while at the same time maximizing the owner’s investment. That includes setting the rental rates, advertising for new tenants, properly screening and researching potential tenants, addressing maintenance issues, handling emergency calls, keeping detailed records, collecting rents on time – and much, much more.

Being prepared by taking as many steps as possible to avoid potential problems may be an even more crucial responsibility for a Property Manager. By not properly screening tenants, a situation might turn into an eviction and/or legal nightmare. By failing to properly maintain a property, a minor repair issue can turn into a major expense. Even unanticipated events such as storm damage can create far larger and more costly issues than they should — if they’re not addressed properly at the time they occur. (Sometimes, even the best laid plans get can have the proverbial wrench thrown into the mix!)

Of course, not everyone thrives on those challenges like we do. It takes time, knowledge, experience and connections throughout the industry to do it well. That’s our business. But for a property owner, handling all these details on your own may not be something you enjoy, have time for, or be the most effective use of your own talents.

That last part is perhaps one of the biggest advantages Property Managers have to offer you as the owner. By taking all that responsibility off your plate, it gives you the time to do what you do best. That frees you up to acquire more properties and assets, develop your investment portfolio, and increase your personal wealth.

To find out how the New Home Resource Property Management team can help take the burden off you and maximize your investment better than you ever imagined possible, give us a call. We’re here to help!

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