home buyers

Summer is a busy time for home sellers in Las Vegas. Well, for that matter, given our amazing lifestyle, climate, and all the other great things about our city – pretty much most times of year are busy for both home buyers and home sellers.

As a seller, though, you need to remember that you are always in competition with other homes that are for sale. To make sure your home is at the head of the line for receiving the best (and most) purchase offers, we’d like to remind you that no matter when home buyers are shopping for a home, there are some things they ALL hate to see. Make sure they don’t see them at your home!

Bad Listing Photos.

Most home buyers begin their search online. If your photos aren’t appealing on the internet, there’s a good chance they won’t even bother to see your home in person. Make sure whoever is listing your home gets the best photos possible of both inside and outside your home. They matter more than you know.

Dirty Homes.

And yes really, we do need to say this. Because it seems not everyone instinctively knows that a clean, neat, and appealing presentation of your home is critical to the interest of the buyer. It’s true what they say: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And that means both inside and outside. You may not even think twice about your unkempt yard – because you know the landscape maintenance guys will be there tomorrow. Or to you, a messy patio or play area might just look normal and ‘lived in.’ The problem is, you’re not trying to make you comfortable by picturing yourself living in this home…you’re trying to impress home buyers you don’t know anything about. They may actually think just like you, but you have no way of knowing that. So always use the “Best Foot Forward” rule for any part of your property that a potential buyer sees.

Sellers Being Home During the Showing.

Yeah, it’s true. Even if you’re immensely proud of your home and would like to be there to “point out all the little things they might not notice, but are so important and add value to this home!” But all your being there will do is make everyone feel awkward, make visitors shy about asking their Realtor® questions that you may overhear, and encourage potential buyers to want to rush through the home and get out; which is, ironically the very thing you were trying to avoid. The longer a shopper takes to explore your home, and the more comfortable they feel, the more it sticks in their mind, compared to all the other homes they’ve seen. We’d even suggest doing something out-of-the-norm – like leaving cold bottles of water and freshly baked cookies out, with a note that it’s just for them. (A welcome idea in Las Vegas during the summer, for sure!) Anything that makes their visit to your home stand out (in a good way, we mean!) – is going to be to your benefit.

There are other words of wisdom that our experienced team of Realtors® at New Home Resource would be happy to share with you about how you can help show your home in the best possible way – and maximize your chances to sell rapidly and at the best price. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share those ‘inside tips’!

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