You’ve listed your home for sale, it’s been weeks, and not only do you not have any offers to buy yet – you haven’t even had anyone come to see it. What’s going on, you ask?

Actually, that’s not an uncommon situation. There could be a number of reasons for it – such as:

• Reason #1: You’ve decided to do a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) – without using a REALTOR®

o Problem with that: No exposure to potential buyers. People don’t know about your home.

• Reason #2: You listed it with a “discount agent.” You’re paying a low fee (1% or similar) for an MLS listing.

o Problem with that: That agent isn’t advising you properly on how to show your home to its maximum advantage, nor are they promoting or marketing your home. Your listing is not getting any attention in a crowded seller’s market.

• Reason #3: The REALTOR® you chose may not be as experienced as you thought.

o Problem with that: Perhaps your listing photos are sub-standard (since most people begin their home shopping online, photo quality and home appearance is critical!); they aren’t familiar with your area – so perhaps you’re priced too high or too low, which can make buyers wary (think about how pricing affects your impressions when you shop in a department store…it’s the same thing).

The truth is, there might be several reasons that your home hasn’t sold – and they may have nothing to do with your home itself, and everything to do with the prevailing market, or interest rates, or something else that’s not personal to your home.

BUT . . . there are occasions when it actually may be your home – or the things in your home – that could be affecting your ability to sell. The right REALTOR® will tell you about these things up front, because they know from experience how to help you put your home’s best face forward and gain leverage on all the best traits your property has to offer.

However, not all agents know, or are comfortable telling their clients, uncomfortable facts. (After all, no one likes to give bad news, right?) So just in case, we’d like to share a list of things you should consider regarding your home to see if they might be a turn-off for buyers – and might be keeping them from seeing all the potential your home might hold for them!

1. Live Animals. Now, we’re not saying that a home shouldn’t have animals. But what we are saying is that they should be contained (or out of the home) whenever someone plans to view your home, and that any odors or mess associated with them should be eliminated. We know it’s not always easy to do – but when a home is for sale, it requires extra attentiveness during this time.

2. Dead Animals. Okay – we know this is going into the ‘politically correct’ arena – and we certainly don’t mean to offend anyone. However, the truth is, you’re trying to sell your home, not your taste in décor. If taking down the animal trophies from the wall or other such items will help you do that, then all the better. Don’t risk alienating a buyer – and leaving a negative impression – because they may not agree with your opinion on this topic. The fact is, they have many homes to view and choose from . . . but you have only one to sell. Make it as easy on yourself as possible. Pack these items early (saves you time later, anyway!).

3. Political Paraphernalia. These days, it is so easy to offend – even our own family and friends, as we all know. And since we’re talking about your financial well being in getting the best possible return on the sale of your home, this is one thing that we strongly recommend putting aside when showing your home. Flags, signs, and the like can also leave a bad impression – and as we all know, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

4. Drugs. We seriously never expected to have to state this one out loud, but now with the legalization of marijuana in our state, coupled with the fact that we have so many people move to Nevada from other states, it’s one of those things that can color a buyer’s impression. The presence – whether seen or smelled – can make an impression on visitors that might not be in your best interest of making a sale.

Certainly the four items mentioned above don’t cover all the possibilities – after all, we are all individuals with our own tastes! But to make sure that your home, which is, of course, perfectly normal and acceptable to you and your lifestyle, will show as well as possible to a potential new owner (so that you can get on with things as quickly as possible) – be sure to work with an experienced REALTOR® who can help answer those questions for you – honestly, accurately, and in your best interests.

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