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Just in case these real estate photos don’t explain it all without a thousand words, we’d like to add a few comments about what a huge difference the right real estate photos can make in ensuring your listing gets noticed – and your home gets sold faster.

First, rest your eyeballs on the bottom row…then take a look at the top row. Is there any doubt in your mind that a smartphone photo (more than likely what was used for the “Before” photos) – may look ‘okay’ to you – until you see the difference a professional real estate photo can make? It’s an easy mistake, often made because people want to save time, money, and hassle.

But look at these real estate photos again with this thought in your head: If these were two different homes, which one would *I* want to buy? Right then. You see what we mean.

Appearances matter. And as we’ve mentioned before many times, first impressions are among the most important things for buyers – because they are looking at potential homes for their family in an emotional manner (not a rational one). That’s why it is so important to get it right the first time. And since over 90% of buyers now start their new home search online – the listing real estate photos have to give an impression they are going to LOVE – or your home may get passed over before it even gets seen.

The truth is, in this internet age, photos sells homes. Great photos give you a distinct advantage over your competition and can truly be the difference between a buyer – and no buyer. Perspective, time of day, color, brightness, sharpness – plus professional editing – are worth the expense in marketing your home. In fact, it’s believed that the quality of the photos of your home are the second most important part of your listing – right behind pricing.

It’s not quite a thousand words, but we believe these photos speak for themselves. What are your thoughts? We’d be happy to discuss this topic with you, and many others that pertain to a successful home listing – and what sets New Home Resource apart from our competition, too.

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