There is always more to things than meets the eye and that includes selling your home. Since the market fluctuates so often, it is important to know what kind of a process you will have to go through before you decide to sell your home. Here is a checklist of how the usual house selling process will be laid out…

1.) Decide to sell! – Consider the market before you make the GIANT decision to sell. Something to also think about is whether you will want to buy a new home before or after you sell your current home.5.) Advertising – photographing your home and creating ads. This will also include showing your home. Your agent will guide you through this.
2.) Choose your agent. – This is very important as the agent with be in charge of advertising, showing the home and legal requirements for selling your home.6.) Going on the Market – Buyers will contact your agent and arrange a time to view your property.
3.) Determine your selling price – Your property’s location, size, age and features are assessed along with current market trends.7.) Sale and negotiation – Your agent will negotiate a final selling price and the buyer will pay a deposit
4.) Legal Agreements – You and your agent will create a legally binding contract with specific details about your selling process.8.) Under Contract – Banks will work out details to finalize the sale meeting legal and financial requirements.

New Home Resource is happy to walk you through this process whenever you are ready. Our agents work hard every day to make sure that we are doing our best to get you the very best. Whether you are looking to sell your house or looking for a new house, New Home Resource will make it happen! Unknown-1