A buyer’s home search these days is usually started online. They want to get a feel for what is out there, put a visual to their ideal homes and to check prices. Then the serious buyers with get in touch with a Realtor®. By this time the buyer usually has an idea of what they want, price they can afford and way too much Internet knowledge about the housing market! Some buyers will have a certain standard but they will all most likely be concerned about the following amenities:

Location is a given…

There is a reason everyone knows the saying “Location, Location, Location”! It matters on so many different levels, where your home is located for selling, renovating, expanding, etc. in the future. If a home is in a “can’t beat it” area, it will not take long to sell. Even some of the least attractive homes tend to be scooped up, as a “fixer-upper” or a work in progress, just for the location alone.

Where can we walk to?

Is there a Walgreens on your corner? How close is the nearest Target or Walmart? Everyone will want to know where the closest grocery store is located and how far you are from the main street, highway or interstate. Is there a dog park nearby? How about a workout facility? If you anticipate these questions, as a Realtor®, your buyers will be at ease, confident and satisfied!

The School District…

The school district is by far one of the most important attributes to buyers, whether they already have children or if they eventually plan to. It is not out of the ordinary for a buyer to start searching for a home strictly based around different school districts.

Fees and Taxes…

Monthly fees are often overlooked for buyers when they are searching for a home. Since the price of the home is a main concern sometimes other costs are not top of mind. As a Realtor®, be open about fees and other charges they may encounter living in different areas. If you are up front with your clients and truly interested in providing them with the best service, they will greatly appreciate it.


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