Life wasn’t meant to be all about work. At least, that’s what the team at New Home Resource agrees on. If you’re going to work hard, you want to play just as hard – and they do. But they also have one other very closely held belief: To give back to the community that’s been good to you.

Led by Broker Joanna Piette, taking the time to give back to Southern Nevada charities is simply built right into the schedule at New Home Resource.

“All of our agents and staff care deeply about different organizations in our city – so when there’s an event that we want to volunteer our time and efforts to help make it a success – we love to get involved,” Piette explains. “We’ll close the office, turn on our voice mail, set up our email auto-reply – and for that day, we’re all fully focused on doing our part for the community.

And that’s precisely what’s going to be taking place this week – Thursday, April 7. The New Home Resource team is taking their show on the road, so to speak – to lend a hand at the “Backpack For Kids” program at the Three Square Food Bank.

Here in Southern Nevada, Three Square works year-round to help the over 300,000 people who are food-insecure – meaning they’re not able to secure enough food for a healthy diet at least some point during the year. 125,000 of those are children – and this particular event is geared toward the kids.

Joanna Piette goes on to add, “It’s an important and often overlooked topic. We believe Three Square is providing a much-needed service, but they need everyone’s help to reach their goals. We’re pitching in because we want to be part of the solution for our city. It’s a real passion for us; we’re honored to be in a position where we can help – and our hope is that more businesses in the Las Vegas valley will recognize that together, we can make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Actually, for the New Home Resource team, it’s not just about people – because the many needy animals in Las Vegas tug at their hearts, too. During the 6 or more events that New Home Resources actively participates in throughout the year, supporting animal rescue organizations is a big part of their calendar, too.

“Our involvement in our community comes from the sincere belief that there are things we can do to help others in need – and we know so many people who feel the same. There are a lot of very dedicated, very committed individuals in Las Vegas who take the time to make a difference outside of their work,” Piette reveals.

“As far as all of us are concerned at New Home Resource, we get as twice as much in return from these events as we give – so in one way, it’s almost a selfish thing for us to do. The truth is that giving not only directly benefits others in need; studies show that it also boosts the physical and mental health of the giver, too. Perhaps that’s why knowing that our time and efforts can make a difference in the quality of life for a child, an adult, or an animal – makes us aware that it’s all time well spent. We invite others to join the spirit of giving where it affects them personally, too. If our experience is any indication, we know they’ll be glad they did.”

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