By Jennifer Riner, Trulia


Suffering through a long morning and evening commute is intrusive and can consume hours of your life every year. Unfortunately, work-related travel rose to 27.2 minutes in 2014 from 26.4 minutes in 2009 in the largest U.S. metro areas. Many Americans have taken the necessary steps to shorten their commute times, opting for apartments closer to work and placing low commute times at the top of their must-have lists, according to a Trulia study.

Renters have shorter commute times compared to homeowners in 43 out of 50 major metros, which adds up to one-and-half minutes per day, or 8.7 hours annually.

#U.S. MetroAverage Commute (Minutes)Average Renter Commute (Minutes)Average Homeowners Commute (Minutes)Shorter Commute Time for Renters
1Buffalo, NY20.31920.4YES
2Columbus, OH21.821.822.8YES
3Hartford, CT22.322.322.3YES
4Milwaukee, WI22.322.322.4NO
5Las Vegas, NV22.522.523NO
6Memphis, TN22.522.523.4YES
7Virginia Beach, VA22.622.623.5YES
8West Palm Beach, FL232323.9YES
9San Diego, CA232323.9YES
10Cincinnati, OH23.223.223.6YES

Cities with the Best Commute Times

Note: Census’ 2014 American Community Survey

While in some cities, renters fare better when it comes to getting to work efficiently, both renters and homeowners in Las Vegas benefit from low commute times. The average commute time for all Las Vegas residents is just 22.5 minutes, the fifth best out of all U.S. cities.

Las Vegas lessees have an average commute of 23 minutes, which is equivalent to Las Vegas homeowners’ commutes. If you’re searching for a home in Las Vegas, you’re likely to receive the same rapid work-related travel apartment dwellers get, as long as you choose a well-positioned neighborhood that’s not overly far from your place of employment.

How important are commute times to Americans?

According to Trulia’s analysis of Census data contrasted with an online survey by Harris Poll, Americans rank short commute times to work and access to public transportation second on their must-have lists – whether they opt for buying or renting in Las Vegas and beyond.

Millennial Americans are more inclined to search for apartments closer to work and worry about low crime rates after the fact. In the study, 22 percent of 18 to 34 year olds remarked that “shorter commutes to work” or “nearby public transportation” were more important than living in a neighborhood with low crime rates, while 14 percent opted for the latter as more pressing.

In Las Vegas, 95 percent of residents commute by car, while just 4 percent opt for public transportation. However, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) offers 38 routes and carried over 60 million passengers in 2015 alone. So if you don’t have a car in Las Vegas, you can still benefit from a low commute by taking advantage of public transportation options. Opt for apartments within close proximity of bus stops to make your morning and evening schedule a little less stressful each day.